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6 Body Scrubs That Will Make Your Skin Feel Like Silk

6 Body Scrubs That Will Make Your Skin Feel Like Silk

Body scrubs are an essential part of our beauty routine and it’s important to find the right one for your skin. Their benefits are endless!

Just like face scrubs, body scrubs are essential for our skin. Not only they eliminate all the dull skin cells but they are also a great help when It comes down to shaving. The benefits of good body scrubs also include preventing ingrown hair and improving the circulation for amazingly smooth and naturally glowing skin. Not all body scrubs are good for our skins, some can be too hard and will only give us a rash. It is important to find the right one and to get as much information on them, just like we would do if we were buying a face scrub.

1. Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub

Oat, shea butter and sugar body smoother. This brand of body scrubs not only won’t make you broke by the end of the month but your skin will actually benefit from it. The line Soap & Glory has also other amazing products all really trustful. This is an exfoliator with organic cupuacu bio scrubs, banana, almond and honey extracts, and it scents is just addictive.

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2. Dove Body Scrubs

When I tried the new line of Dove body scrubs, I was pretty dazzled. Not only it smells nice (and you can pick between three different fragrance) but it is so effective. I used it on damp skin and made sure to turn the water off while I started rubbing in circular motions. I could feel the difference already when I was rinsing it off because my skin was instantly smoother. I would recommend to pair it with a body moisturiser after the use.


3. The Mediterranean Sea Salt Scrub

You can never go wrong with The Body Shop. Not only these body scrubs contain high minerals that help to leave the skins incredibly soft but also contain coarse salt crystals to boost the exfoliation process. The scrub has obviously been created by experts and it’s the perfect match for those of you with combination skin, targeting at the same time the dry zones and the areas prone to acne.

4. Clinique Body Exfoliating Skin

Clinique is one of those brands that even if slightly expensive you are so worth it. This body scrubs polishes, smoothes, refreshes rough and dry areas such as heels, elbows and knees. After the use, you will notice a subtle sparkle on the skin for a light glow.


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5. Candy Floss Lush

What do you need more than all-natural body scrubs? This scrub is different from all the others: its texture is powdery until you mix it with water. The package looks so cute and it smells like icing sugar (that is enough info for me to buy it). One small- maybe not- thing: the package is made out of cardboard, which is good for the planet but maybe do not take it with you inside the shower.


6. Kiehl’s Grapefruit Body Scrub

I listed this for last, not because of the quality but mostly because of the price. Some of you might not mind spending money on skin products that are expensive but others do (aka me). Kiehl’s body scrubs are the perfect combination of something expensive but worth it. The grapefruit scent lingers even after rinsing giving you that silky effect just like after spa massage. The results are long lasting so if maybe it is beneficial to spend a bit of money in something that will make your skin feel deeply treated and smooth.


After using a body scrub, or any kind of scrubs, moisturise your skin! This is so important that you cannot skip it or forget about it. Remember that the scrubs are eliminating the dull cells so you cannot expect a super smooth effect if you don’t pair the scrub with a good moisturiser.

What is your favourite body scrub or did you try one of these scrubs? Let us know in the comments!

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