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10 Blonde Hair Color Ideas You Should Consider Doing

10 Blonde Hair Color Ideas You Should Consider Doing

Are you looking for a new blonde do? From blonde balayage to platinum blonde hairstyles, there's a perfect look for everyone. Check out these blonde hair color ideas to find your perfect fit.

Despite the popular belief, blondes aren’t stupid. In fact, they’re ridiculously smart for being able to navigate their way through the many shades of blonde to find the one that suits them the best. From white blonde to blonde balayage, there are literally too many to choose from. Here are 10 blonde hair color ideas to get you on your way to becoming the best blonde you can be:

1. White Blonde

This hair gives us serious ice-queen vibes. And if you want a softer look, curls look equally amazing.

2. Silver Blonde

Grey hair, but glam. Silver hair is always to die for and can look good on just about everybody. Granny chic at it’s finest.


3. Butter Blonde

A warmer, ‘buttery’ colour is probably the shade you think about when you say “blonde”. It is so pretty and oozes ‘popular girl at school in every movie, ever.’


4. Rose-Tinted Blonde

Blonde, but with a hint of cotton candy. Be it ombre, highlights, balayage, and the rose-gold wash takes any hairstyle from run-of-the-mill to super cute. It’s definitely one of the best blonde hair color ideas to try this season!


5. Rooty Blonde

This colour was all the rage a few years ago, and we can see why. It’s the perfect combo of surfer babe and businesswoman and we are here for it. It’s also the shade that is likely to look the most natural.

6. Platinum Ombre

Dark blonde roots plus barbie platinum ends make for a really sleek hairstyle. Plus, half-up, half-down styles are way more fun when you have two-tone hair.

7. Blonde Balayage

I won’t claim to know how balayage works, but I do know that it is a stupidly gorgeous way to brighten and add depth to your natural colour. 5 stars.

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8. Sandy Blonde

Is any blonde better suited for a sunny beach than this? Sandy blonde works amazingly on tanned, glowy, and holiday skin. So consider it before the summer is an absolute must.

9. Dark Blonde

No, we can’t all look like Gigi Hadid, but we can copy her hair. Dark tone blonde hair color ideas are ideal if you’re torn between blonde and brunette because it hasn’t yet been decided who has more fun.


10. Caramel Blonde

Caramel blonde is the richest blonde to go for and has been tried and tested by pretty much every celeb out there (including Beyonce).

Is it possible to have all of these at once?

Which blonde hair color ideas would you wear this summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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