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Bleached Hair Care: The Do’s And Don’ts

Bleached Hair Care: The Do’s And Don’ts

Bleached hair can be extremely difficult to take care of, if you're not clued up on the basics. Here are the Bleached Hair Care do's and don'ts!

Balayage is all the rage these days, and it’s not difficult to see why; if done correctly it looks glamorous yet natural, polished yet effortless, and grows out seamlessly, unlike traditional highlights and full head dyes. When I first sat apprehensively in the seat of a local salon, the hair colourist who had been entrusted to transform by flat black strands into swooping mermaid locks, calmed my nerves by informing me that balayage is extremely low maintenance. While this is true, balayage is a method of using bleach to create a natural highlighted effect on the hair, and any bleach is bad for the hair! Whether you have highlights, balayage or any other kind of bleach-based colour on your hair, it is extremely important to take care of your hair properly, to protect and preserve it. Here are some important Do’s and Don’ts for Bleached Hair Care!

1) Do: Use Olaplex Treatments Regularly

Olaplex has been an absolute godsend for those of us with bleached locks. It was launched in 2014, and with its unique technology, it promised to whip our sad bleached hair back into shape in ways that weren’t possible before this technology was available. Olaplex works on a molecular level to seek out broken bonds in the hair that are caused by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage. It literally repairs damaged hair! No wonder it’s a favourite among hairstylists and celebrities such as Kim Kardashian Although this treatment is pricey, it is well worth the investment.

2) Don’t: Use Heat on your Hair Daily

It is a well-known fact that heat isn’t good for your hair on the best of days, or when it is in the best of conditions. But this fact is even more relevant to bleached hair. When your hair is bleached, the strands become compromised, and more prone to moisture loss and damage. If like me, you have naturally curly hair and desperate love for straight hair, it can be extremely difficult to say no to the pull of your beloved hair straighteners. But, avoiding daily heat on your bleached hair can give it the break it deserves and reduce the severity of damage that will be caused in the long run.


3) Do: Use a Deep Conditioning Mask

It’s easy to pass this one off as nothing more but a lot of unnecessary hype, but the benefits of deep conditioning bleached hair cannot be understated! Although you most likely use a regular conditioner to keep your hair smooth following your shampoo, this conditioner is not enough to keep bleached hair healthy all by itself; it requires help in hand once in a while. That is where deep conditioner comes in! Deep conditioner is usually thicker and richer than regular conditioner, which means it takes hydration to a level about deep conditioner. While it is not necessary to use it daily or after every single hair wash, deep conditioner is best used at least one or twice a week, for your bleached hair to receive maximum benefits. I would recommend Shea Moisture deep conditioners, as they are high quality, highly effective, and incorporate natural ingredients.

3) Don’t: Leave your Hair Loose at Night

Leaving your hair loose when you sleep is not great for your precious locks. Having your hair strands free means they can rub against your pillowcase, which can cause friction and ultimately, damage. This is even more of a concern if your pillowcases are not made of soft, slippery material such as silk or sating. Alternatively, if you don’t wish to tie your hair up at night, you could cover it with a silky bonnet in order to prevent any friction and damage.

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4) Do: Have Regular Trims

While long hair is all the rage these days, and frequently trimming the hair isn’t necessary if it is healthy and you are trying to grow it, you may need to sacrifice some length for hair health if you have bleached hair. With the best will in the world and all the hair care precautions exercised, bleached hair is ultimately more prone to damage than regular virgin hair. Because of this, it requires frequent trims to keep it looking glossy and healthy – there is no point in a fabulous colour job if the ends are drab!

5) Do: Use Toning Shampoo

This is absolutely essential if you have bleached hair. Toning shampoo, otherwise known as purple shampoo, counteracts the orangy, brassy tones that start to appear after a period of time. This brassy tone isn’t the most flattering of looks, so using a purple toning shampoo will help to reduce those tones and make your colour last longer in between trips to the hairdresser for professional toning treatments.

What hair care tricks will you be using to take care of your bleached hair? Tell us in the comments!

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