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10 Blatant Reasons Piers Morgan Should Be Removed From Television

10 Blatant Reasons Piers Morgan Should Be Removed From Television

Piers Morgan is one of the most controversial television personalities to intrude onto our screens, and whether we like it or not, he appears to have the power to stay there, having rudely awoken us on Good Morning Britain every weekday since 2015. When his contract with the breakfast programme ends next year, he will have accumulated quite a catalogue of presenting malpractice, meaning that he really shouldn’t be allowed to continue in this public role of presenting.

1. He’s overbearing

When co-presenting and interviewing guests on Good Morning Britain, Piers has to be the centre of attention and dominate the floor, not allowing other people to speak. He constantly interrupts, talks over people and raises his voice, just watch this clip of his most fiery moments on the show!

2. He’s sexist

Piers Morgan is constantly attacking feminism, insisting that women are trying to create a new type of inequality between the genders which works in their favour. When discussing the Women’s World Cup, he complained that there were four female pundits, bearing in mind the countless occasions in which football pundits have been all male.


3. He’s a bad listener

The presenter refuses to listen to other people’s points of view, completely ignoring what they’ve said in order to keep forcing his opinion onto them. For instance, when going head to head with Lord Sugar, he continued to ramble on about how his career was launched on an American TV programme and therefore not by Lord Sugar, when Sugar had clearly stated previous to this response that he believed he was responsible for launching his UK career, not his entire career.

4. He’s arrogant

It’s Piers’ way or the highway…he frequently boasts of his importance and popularity on Good Morning Britain, claiming that the high viewership figures are down to him. Just watching this self-absorbed man is unbearable, I can’t imagine the infuriation of working with him – hats off to Susanna Reid.

5. He causes offense

If you haven’t yet been offended by any of Piers Morgan’s outrageous comments or Twitter insults, you’re in the minority. One of many examples is when he offended Caitlyn Jenner, and likely a large majority of the LGBT community, on his own programme, Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, by jokingly referencing ‘certain areas’ of the body, a serious matter when it comes to members of the transgender community.


6. His teamwork skills are an abomination

To successfully co-present, it’s essential to work well as part of a team – look at the most iconic ITV duos such as Holly and Phil, Eamon and Ruth or Ant and Dec. Piers Morgan lacks people skills and would far rather have complete control of the show by himself.

7. He’s inappropriate

In line with all the above traits, Piers also makes highly inappropriate comments, such as declaring he was going to identify as a black woman after branding gender neutrality a ridiculous concept. He’s also been known to let his emotions get in the way of his professionalism on live TV, telling Michael Gove to “shove it where the sun don’t shine”. This isn’t something we expect to see on a family-friendly daytime TV show.

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8. He’s insensitive

Piers Morgan’s brash and straightforward interviewing style is consequently very insensitive on many occasions. When it comes to topics such as mental health, where he’s attacked celebs such as Will Young for speaking out about mental health issues; terrorism, where he’s suggested the British Muslim community are largely responsible; and fellow presenters’ personal lives, where he jealously criticized national treasure Ant McPartlin for receiving this year’s Best Presenter Award at the NTAs alongside Dec, “Even though Ant’s basically been sitting on his backside from what I can see walking his dog for the last year. He’s got an award”, the presenter doesn’t seem to engage his brain before he opens his mouth.

9. He’s aggressive

His TV persona is perceived by many as intimidating and aggressive, making many guests feel uncomfortable. In a debate with a Donald Trump critic, Piers persistently interrogated her with the same question concerning a particular figure in order to prove his point.

10. He puts words in people’s mouths

In order to win a debate, Piers Morgan has a habit of putting words in people’s mouths. For instance, when debating with Mariella Frostrap about female objectification, he presupposes that she is endorsing male objectification when she hadn’t, in fact, said that at all.


If you want to see Piers Morgan removed from our screens, comment your support!

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