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20 Of The Most Bizarre Items For Sale In Primark

20 Of The Most Bizarre Items For Sale In Primark

Take a look at these bizarre items for sale at Primark! From accessories to gadgets to clothes, Primark covers all of its bases with these must-haves.

Primark is the best place for bargain hunters if you can survive the long queues and crowds it is the best place to go. You can find almost anything from the essentials to the bizarre, it has something for everyone, even if you don’t actually need it. Check out these bizarre items for sale at Primark!

Llama lint roller 

Throw away that plain old lint roller lying around your house and head to Primark for your very own Llama lint roller. Hopefully the Llamas don’t transfer on to your clothes, unless you have always wanted Llama print pants.


Protein bar 

Who knew Primark was the place to go to get your much needed nutrients, and may help you get one step closer to your bikini body.

The Blend Brush with a face.

 Surely everyone has a couple of blending sponges lying around but I bet you don’t own a blending sponge with a face and case. Which makes making up your face even more of a happy experience.


Eyebrow stencils 

Not an eyebrow pencil, an eyebrow stencil! Which has various eyebrow shapes to follow so you can achieve your dream brow.


Cactus Nails 

Even if you are not going on holiday this year you can still feel like you are with this interesting nail choice.

Bride tribe metallic tattoos

We’ve all seen a hen do out with matching t-shirts, tiaras, and bride party sashes but these tattoos take it to the next level, as long as the bride does not end up getting the tattooed permanently before her big day.


Jojo Siswa Products.

Surely not everyone has heard of Jojo Siswa but she is a bubbly, colourful little blonde dancer from the show Dance Moms and her products are being sold in Primark, very random but her products may bring a bit of colour in to your life. This is one of the bizarre items for sale at Primark that is perfect to help change up your look.


Mens Coffee Mask 

Yes even men use face mask, so not only women can have perfect skin, but it is not the man mask that is bizarre, it is the coffee, hopefully it curbs the coffee addiction.



Hyaluronic Acid Gel Face Mask

 This gel mask looks like a science experiment for your face, who knew Primark was so scientific?  

Foot Mask 

Forget face masks, Primark offer the foot mask to achieve perfect feet. Just slip on your foot mask socks and within the hour your feet will be velvety smooth.



Harry Potter Envelope Purse

Primark appears to have an unhealthy obsession with Harry Potter but who doesn’t love Harry Potter? This envelope purse is perfect for storing your muggle money.



Harry Potter Sweet Badges

Everybody has always wanted to try Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans like Harry, Hermione and Ron and these badges are the closest thing to trying those sweets, unfortunately they are not edible, sorry.


Cactus Keyring

Again with the Cactus theme, just make sure you don’t prick yourself on your keys.

Rubber Nail Soakers

An unusual way to remove your shellac or acrylic nails but they are quicker than the old tin foil trick, so they are definitely worth a try.


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Electric Brush Cleaner

Sick of hand washing your makeup brushes and not getting the results you want? Then an electric brush cleaner and dryer could be the best alternative for you and Primark have it in store for a very affordable price.


Bunny Shower Cap 

If you ever feel the need to spruce up your shower time then this should be your first purchase, who wouldn’t be happy dressing up as a bunny in the shower? Probably the one and only time you can actually dress up in the shower, so get it while you can. This is one of the adorable yet bizarre items for sale at Primark.


Sequin Bucket Hat 

If you want to stand out in festival season grab yourself a bedazzled fishing hat from Primark, your wardrobe would not be complete without it.


Reptar Pen

The perfect essential for any pencil case, think Jurassic Park but not as scary.



Rugrats Notebook 

Well, you can’t have a Reptar pen without a Rugrats notebook right? We all thought Rugrats dissappeared a long time ago but Angelica is back and on Primark’s shelves.



Dog Earphones 

Sick of your plain old apple earphones? Then head to Primark and mix it up with these dog earphones. Hopefully they don’t bark down your ear. These are some of the cute and bizarre items for sale at Primark.

Let us know what you think of these bizarre items for sale from Primark in the comments below.

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