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15 Beyonce Performance Outfits That Prove She’s A Total Queen

15 Beyonce Performance Outfits That Prove She’s A Total Queen

Take a look at the best Beyonce performance outfits we have seen thus far. Queen B knows how to rock crazy styles and we are all here for it!

These Beyonce performance outfits are EVERYTHING. Beyoncé, Queen Bee, Bey, Yoncé… Whatever you call her, we can all agree that Beyoncé is a goddess and a performer with talent like no other. As well as being an incredible singer and a jaw-dropping dancer, Beyoncé is also the queen of performance outfits and we’ve compiled a list of her best ones below. Enjoy!

1. Egyptian Queen

Beyoncé’s first Coachella performance was truly iconic and this was one of the most popular outfits she wore. The look was inspired by the Egyptian queen, Nefertiti and had an embroidered image of the queen on the back.

2. Bey University

Another Beychella look, this one had fans speculating that Beyoncé is opening her own university because of the BAK logo on her sweatshirt (i.e. Beyoncé Knowles Academy – please sign me up!). Those tasseled boots only served to make her dancing look even more incredible. One of the latest Beyonce performance outfits, and we are here for it!


3. The Hottest Disco Ball Ever

Very few of us could dress like a disco ball and still look this good, but, of course, Beyoncé can more than get away with it. Probably because of those incredible legs.

4. Stained Glass Window Realness

Take me to church! Those jewel tones, that red lip – Beyoncé just made dressing like a stained glass window hot. We love this look and in our eyes it’s one of the top Beyonce performance outfits!

5. The Ultimate Showgirl

An outfit made to get down in. All of that gorgeous fringe made this outfit even more of a joy to watch her perform in *insert praising hands emoji*.


6. Yes, She Can Pull Off Purple PVC

Are you even surprised that Beyoncé can work PVC like its nothing? Purple is the colour of royalty, which is fitting for this total queen. 

7. Saint Beyoncé

Only Beyoncé would make her first appearance after announcing her pregnancy with twins dressed like this. Your fave could never. One of the top Beyonce performance outfits, hands down.

8. Marching Band Just Got Cool

Who knew that band leaders could look this good? It’s those thigh-high boots that really make this look.


9. Red and White (No, I’m Not Talking About Wine)

A relatively simple performance outfit from Bey here, but it doesn’t disappoint. The contrast between the white outfit and the berry red lip makes for an iconic look.

10. Get In Formation

We’ve all seen and fallen in love with the Formation video and Beyoncé took its most recognisable look on tour. Nobody else could pull off that hat, but you know she can. One of the most infamous Beyonce performance outfits!

11. Ivy Park Promotion

Sometimes you just have to rep yourself. Beyoncé did just that with this sequinned Ivy Park number.

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11. Copper Co-Ordination

The Formation tour is the performance outfit gift that keeps on giving! This matching copper set is glittery perfection. 

13. Whoops, Bey Just Won The Super Bowl Without Even Playing

Beyoncé had even her UK fans tuning into the Super Bowl halftime show with this Michael Jackson inspired outfit. Who cares who won the game when Beyoncé slayed the halftime show like this?


14. Glastonbury Gold

Bey’s Glastonbury performance was legendary and I’ve been crazy in love (sorry) with this outfit since then. Proof that you don’t necessarily need bottoms when you’ve got a glittery gold jacket on top and you’re Beyoncé.

15. Full Length Glam

Queen Bey can do sexy and she can do full-length glamour. Still sultry, but undeniably chic at the same time. 

Which looks are your favourite Beyoncé performance outfits? Let us know in the comments below!

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