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7 Beyonce Outfits No One But Beyonce Could Pull Off

7 Beyonce Outfits No One But Beyonce Could Pull Off

We all know Bey is eternally queen, and these seven outfits prove it! You just have to see these outfits that only Beyonce could pull off!

We all know Beyonce is an indomitable legend in every field – music, fashion, beauty. She can rock anything, and has proven it time and time again by being the only person able to surpass herself. Need proof? Look no further than these iconic Beyonce outfits that no one but her could pull off!

1. Like This One From 2017

This little feathered number was posted back on ‘Instagram’ in December, 2017 – and it’s hard to imagine anyone else making this campy ‘fit look so elegant.

It’s the hair, it’s the shoes, it’s Beyonce. 


Put this on anyone else, and they’d probably look like a prank-gone-wrong (you know the old gag we’re you’re covered in tar and feathers? Yeah, that one). But Beyonce? Nope.

2. Or This Dress From ’06

Worn to the premiere of ‘Dreamgirls’, this Ellie Saab dress should’ve flopped.

While 2006 (or everything from 2005-2015) was of questionable taste, this dress is kinda…ugly. It’s lace, ruffles, and a giant blue bow. If someone described a dress like that to us, we’d run for the hills.


But Beyonce has a vision beyond ordinary humans. How else does that explain why she actually looks f*ckin’ good in this?

3. And Let’s Go Forward A Year

2007 brought us many fashion faux pas, but this dress at the 79th Annual Academy Awards was not one of them. Was it?

What is there to say about this? It’s bridal AF. There’s ruching, there’s a draped skirt with a slit, a giant crystal sleeve wrapping around her asymmetrically. It’s something that, if it were on any other celeb from 2007, would’ve been passed over as ordinary (and this level of tackiness was the norm back then).


But, worn on Beyonce, it looks far better than it should. Maybe it’s the cheeky bit of leg she’s flashing, or how muted her makeup is in contrast.

Or maybe it’s Beyonce, being Beyonce.

4. And Onto The Crochet Dress

Beyonce isn’t the only celeb to be spotted wearing crocheted clothes. But she is the only one to wear one so ugly, and make it look…sort of good.


Okay, so we don’t fully condone this dress, but it was totally in style in 2013. After moving on from the 2000s mess of fashion, expectations were evolving and boundaries were being pushed. Beyonce, as you can imagine, was not about to shy away from risk-taking.

While this dress is ugly (sorry, Bey) you can bet your life that no one else would’ve been able to make it look better than this.

5. Then, Two Years Later

Beyonce gave us the iconic Met Gala dress in 2015, and we all collectively died.


From it’s fully-sheer body, with strategically-placed crystals, to the fact that she rocked up late because she was taking photos for the ‘gram – Beyonce had us by the throat.

What makes this look such a success on Beyonce and no one else? Well, it’s mostly because Rihanna had already pulled of a similarly bold dress with her 2014 Swarovski gown.

Sheer dresses had been done before, and are commonplace now on red carpets, yet Beyonce still had us gagged – because, uh, it’s Beyonce.

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6. And There’s This Versace Bodysuit

Bitch, hello? We need an ambulance because I don’t think any of us have recovered from this 2014 performance.

First of all, a ‘Flawless’ remix. Second of all, a remix with Nicki Minaj (before her celeb status took a hit because of reasons). Third of all, that ugly ass outfit.


Why does it look so cool? There’s a chain across the “underwear” line in the bodysuit’s print, and her headpiece looks like either a shark fin or a gold mohawk. It shouldn’t work, but it does, and remains one of the greatest performances she’s delivered on stage.

7. And, Finally…

The absolutely legendary, iconic, transformative 2017 Grammy’s performance.

Yes, everything about this production (and it was a production, not just any ordinary performance) was perfect. It was dripping in gold, in fantastic back-up dancers, in her recently announced pregnancy glow – just, ugh.


And her outfit epitomised it all. That renaissance-esque headpiece? The sheer dress with gold beading? Definitely one of the BEST Beyonce outfits ever.

Literally no one but Beyonce could have pulled off something as grand as this. Can you imagine anyone else reaching such iconic levels? Absolutely not!

While this dress is definitely beautiful – and would be beautiful regardless of where or who wore it – it’s Beyonce who elevates it and transforms it into her dress.


And, I mean, it literally had her own face on it, so bow down, bitches.

What are some other Beyonce outfits you hate to love? Share them in the comments!

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