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12 Better Than Basic Denim Shorts To Wear This Summer

12 Better Than Basic Denim Shorts To Wear This Summer

Looking for the coolest denim shorts of the summer season? Here are our top picks! Denim shorts don't have to be boring, take a look at our favourites!

Denim is a staple of anyone’s wardrobe, well maybe except my dad, it is certainly a staple in the summer to have a chic and fun pair of denim shorts to rock with whatever summer body you want to have! Rather than squeezing or belting yourself into last years shorts, splash a little cash and treat your best self to a new pair!

Blue Tapestry Panel High Waist Denim Shorts – New Look

Panelled shorts are so fun and colourful. The tapestry panel on these New Look shorts adds so many deep and vibrant colours in, meaning you could wear them with practically anything! The style is also very complementary of many body types, so they would be super comfortable.


High Waist Mom Shorts – Topshop

Who says denim has to be blue anymore? These shorts are incredibly fun and creative in such a bright yellow. They haven’t been hemmed so would look cute rolled up or with the fabric strips on show. The yellow, although vibrant, is more orangey than lemony creating a great summery yellow to wear on any day out in the sun.

501 High Rise Shorts – Levi’s

These shorts are cool. They’re classic Levi’s style but have that little bit extra with the branded trim down the sides. Trimmed shorts are currently in style, and although these do stretch a student budget, they’re too classic not to be included.


Plus Scallop Hem Denim Shorts –

These shorts are just too adorable. The edge has been scalloped to create the cool hemmed effect, whilst the denim is quite light and moveable making them the perfect pair of shorts for a summers day.


Belted Denim Dungaree Shorts – Forever 21

These shorts are bright red, they’re dungaree style and they’re very casual. They’d be perfect to pair with a crop top and trainers for a simple and super chic summers day outfit. Of course, the bright red makes them hard to pair with other colours but having them stand out is part of their appeal.

Midwash Sequin Hot Pants – Pretty Little Thing

Sequin’s are a festival essential this year, and whilst half of the world’s wmen are wearing sequinned tops or dressed, be a bit different and sequin up your shorts! These shorts are hot pants so are on the short size, but if you like a little flash of bum then these shorts are just what you need.


Light Blue Bleached High Waisted Denim Shorts – River Island

Bleached shorts will always have a place in my heart. These shorts are bleached nearly to the belt to create a cool white shade, just with a little bit of visible blue. The style is slouchy, so they’d be very comfortable on a summer’s night- just don’t sit on any grass!


BDG Rainbow Side Stripe Mom Denim Shorts – Urban Outfitters

Side stripes are in style, and with it being PRIDE month, it’s only fair to let a little bit of rainbow love out into the world. These shorts are super chic and the style is very fashionably comfortable. Fashion no longer has to mean pain.

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BDG Jessye Black Denim Board Shorts – Urban Outfitters

These days, shorts are very short. But not for everyone, these amazing denim board shorts from Urban Outfitters create a cool edge if you’re not keen on showing that much leg. The denim is good quality and the length is still stylish and fun, these are shorts to bring when the clouds are in full show.

Denim Shorts – H&M

Where would we be without a few stripes? These striped shorts by H&M are a super simple style, but the added print makes them creative and fun. The upward stripe is also a very slimming pattern, whilst the mixture of blue and white is quite subtle to keep the shorts very easy going and chic.


Camo Print Denim Shorts – Forever 21

Elastic waistband denim shorts! These shorts are a god send. The camo print is fun and very in style, whilst the cut of the shorts means they’ll be very comfortable and easy to wear. The subtle colours in the print also means the shorts will be easy to pair with anything and could be worn to anything if they’re dressed correctly.


Lace Up Side Raw Hem Denim Shorts – Shein £10.99

These shorts are very fun, pretty and feminine. The pale pink looks cute against the light blue denim, whilst the lacing has a little flirt to it. These shorts could be cute to wear day or night, on a date or with friends. They’re very versatile and very pretty.

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