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The 10 Best Yoga Mats On Amazon That You Need To Pick Up

The 10 Best Yoga Mats On Amazon That You Need To Pick Up

These are the best yoga mats on Amazon that are affordable, cute , and will last you more then just a class or two. Check out these cheap mats!

Yoga is a revolutionary way of exercising that has literally changed everyones lives for the better. A way to tone, relax and strength muscles by simple exercises means we no longer have to go to the gym, right? Sounds good to us! It helps heal the body, mind and spirit originated from India. A yoga mat is something that is personal to everyone. Depending on your personality, mood and vibe, you can get a yoga mat that is perfect just for you, and here are the 10 best yoga mats on Amazon that you need right now…

Catching Those Yoga Dream (Catcher) Vibes

This cool yoga mat is perf for those relaxation vibes and mind-soothing feelings with its dreamcatcher tie dye design. Will make you stand out from the crowd during your yoga class so make sure you know what you’re doing! It’s zero-slip, eco-friendly and premium comfort, what more could you want?


Take Your Pick!

Why go for a traditional all black yoga mat when you can, well, have any colour you want? These mats might look a bit in your face but they weigh lighter than a feather – so don’t worry, your after-achy-arms won’t struggle to carry these back home!

Comfort First!

When performing any sort of exercise it’s always important to make sure you are comfortable and not going to strain any muscles or body parts. Well, this yoga mat will be your best friend! It is designed with tiny indentations to help reduce any tension while working out! Maybe you could even use it as a nap nat post yoga – win win.


The One For Beginners

If you are a yoga amateur or beginner, this one is perfect for you! We all know the struggle when it comest to trying to follow along to an instructor, Youtube video or workout DVD while performing crazy moves, right, well this one will help resolve those dilemmas – phew! It has staple yoga moves and their names on the mat to help follow along…


The Yogi Alignment

Yoga can be difficult to master, trying to find the right posture, position and shape without some sort go guidance. This mat provides templates to replicate and to follow to make our yoga lives a lot easier.

“My Yoga Mat Is Better Than Yours”

Who wouldn’t want to rock up to the Monday morning yoga session looking like the cool kid of the block? This aztec design mat will sure turn some heads during your workout session. 


Getting It All.. Not Just A Killer Body

This cool Nike yoga mat is created with the best quality to help performance and movement. This kit comes with a block and a belt to help up our yogi-game. And even better… it’s pink! This mat is definitely one of the best yoga mats on Amazon!

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The Ethical Yoga Mat

This mat is one for those ethical, natural loving yogi’s. This mat has been created in aid to plant one tree every time a mat is purchased with Trees With The Future. Made with renewable materials this mat will make you feel good on the outside and the inside.

Extra Thick Please

This extra thick mat is great for on the move. Although it is off thicker material, it is still easily portable and lightweight while providing extra comfort.


Keeping The Zen

This mat is perfect for combining both yoga and meditation into one. With its bakra influenced design it helps keep ours minds at one. This is one of the best yoga mats on Amazon!


What do you think of these yoga mats on Amazon? Let us know in the comment section below!

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