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The Best Places To Find Yoga In Liverpool That You Will Love

The Best Places To Find Yoga In Liverpool That You Will Love

These are the best places to go to for yoga in Liverpool! They are cute, clean and will work you to the core! Calling all yogis!

If you are not already embroiled in the yoga craze, then you are missing out. Yoga is not only great for your fitness, but also great for the mind, and dealing with the daily stresses of everyday life. Yoga allows you to escape through the breath and innovative balances. Liverpool is a great place to practice yoga, as the city is full of yogis and there are some great yoga teachers across the whole city, so there is always a class you can attend close by. Here are some of the places with the best yoga in Liverpool:

Happiness Hot Yoga

A small piece of Happiness is located in Allerton, an area south side of the city, which is close to students living in the Smithdown area. It is one of the best yoga studios in Liverpool, because of the amazing atmosphere you experience when in the studio, as the teachers and staff are so welcoming. This is another one of the places with the best yoga in Liverpool.

They have classes running from Monday to Sunday including Hot and non-hot yoga, as well as meditation sessions. Their classes range from the intense Funky Beats Yoga class, which is an upbeat yoga experience to pregnancy and candlelit yoga, which are much more relaxing classes.


New members can purchase an introductory offer, which is £15 for ten days straight, or just £8 for a drop in session. They also have monthly and yearly memberships.

Liverpool Yoga Studios

LYS is located in the city centre, close to many student halls, and with a wide variety of classes on, there is always a chance to take a yoga class. They have a mixture of Hot yoga and non-hot yoga classes, so if you are a beginning the latter is probably the best class to try, or you can try hot if you are up for a challenge. If you are looking to try something completely different you can sign up for an aerial yoga class, which is on every Saturday afternoon, but make sure you sign up a week in advance as spaces go fast.


They also have other classes on apart from yoga including meditation, spinning and KO8 circuit training, which are taught by experienced and motivational teachers. This is another one of the places with the best yoga in Liverpool.

They currently have an offer on for new members called the Spring Full Studio Pass, which allows unlimited access to classes for 40 days for only £30, don’t miss out! Make sure to check their schedule on their website, as it changes week to week.



Located in a converted gun factory in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle, despite being an unlikely place for a yoga studio, it is actually the perfect place to practice Yoga and relax. They cater to everyone whilst running twenty classes over seven days, which range from beginners’ classes to a variation of non-hot and hot classes to suit all.

To attend a drop-in class it is £9 or £8 for a student, or you can look on the website for further membership options. This is another one of the places with the best yoga in Liverpool.

Maybe after a yoga session you can drop in to Baltic market for a healthy smoothie or even treat yourself to Hafla Hafla’s famous halloumi fries because you’ll deserve it after working up a sweat!


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Yoga For The People

This studio is located in Huyton in Liverpool, which is outside of the city centre. It may be small but it has a great energy about it. They host one or two classes a day from Monday to Sunday, ranging from Beginners Yoga to Hot Bikram Yoga. They have an FAQ on their website on the benefits of Hot Yoga, and whether or not it is right for you, which is great to look at before you consider taking a class. This is another one of the places with the best yoga in Liverpool.


New members at Yoga For The People receive an introductory offer of ten classes for £20, or you can just drop in for hot yoga session for £8. But if you are more of a morning yogi you can join in a morning drop in class for just £5 or purchase a ten-class morning card for £45, what a bargain!

White Wolf Yoga

This place is not just a Yoga studio but also a restaurant combined, with what they describe as a place to nurture minds, bodies & spirits.

 White Wolf Yoga is located in the city centre where they offer a range of classes including yoga, meditation, and relaxation sessions for everyone. A drop-in session is only £7 or you can choose to purchase a 5 or 10 class card for a little bit more. They have a timetable on their website with classes on every day, along with a description of each class, which is great to know before you go.


Whilst you are there make sure to visit the White Wolf Kitchen where you can get yourself a coffee, but not just any coffee, a White Wolf Yoga unique blend, and amazing local organic food to refuel after a well-needed yoga session. This is another one of the places with the best yoga in Liverpool.

They also have rooftop yoga sessions every month so follow them on social media and purchase tickets so you don’t miss out!

What do you think of the best yoga in Liverpool places? Let us know in the comments below.

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