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10 Best Vegetarian Spots In London

10 Best Vegetarian Spots In London

Going out to eat as a vegetarian can often be disappointing. Although most London restaurants now offer at least one or two meat-free options, your choice of meal often lacks diversity, imagination, and sometimes taste. The next time you’re searching for a spot to eat out in London that won’t leave a vegetarian disenchanted and hungry, try one of these 10 vegetarian spots for the best meat-free options in London!

1. by CHLOE

Originating in New York, by CHLOE has travelled to London destinations such as Covent Garden and Marylebone, bringing with it its unique take on vegan junk food. A fully vegan restaurant, by CHLOE‘s menu, boasts a huge variety of burgers, fries and sandwiches, all made with fresh ingredients and no artificial preservatives or flavours. This casual vegan restaurant makes no compromise to flavour whilst promoting a message of hearty, wholesome and healthy eating.

A few favourites from the menu include mac and cheese, made from sweet potato and cashew sauce with shiitake bacon – sounds strange but surprisingly delicious – and their plant-based alternative to a meatball sub. At lunchtime, these central spots can be very busy and booking isn’t available so try avoiding peak times if you don’t want to wait too long. 

10 Best Vegetarian Spots In London

2. Rosa’s Thai Cafe

From a street stall in Brick Lane to 10 sites across London, Rosa’s Thai Cafe has become a popular London favourite whilst preserving its small, cosy and casual atmosphere. Tucked away in locations such as Soho and Chelsea, Rosa’s serves an extensive and delicious vegetarian menu; the perfect combination of modern and authentic Thai food.

Start with the sweetcorn patties and pumpkin crackers (an innovative alternative to prawn crackers) before moving onto the stir-fried aubergine in yellow bean sauce for one of the most delicious experiences of Thai food you can find in London. The restaurants are small so getting a seat can be difficult but the service is quick and it is definitely worth a wait!

10 Best Vegetarian Spots In London

3. Temple of Seitan 

Fried chicken, loaded bacon burgers, mac and cheese, fries – but all vegan. The original Temple of Seitan opened in Hackney and has now grown to two locations, the other being tucked away on Camley Street in Camden. The white tile and wooden table decor create a retro diner atmosphere that matches the authentic fast food taste of the seitan.

You can’t miss the BBQ Bacon burger on the menu, paired with fries and chipotle salt. Don’t miss out on Temple of Seitan to get your vegetarian fast food fix. 

10 Best Vegetarian Spots In London

4. Deliciously Ella Deli 

Found in a quiet corner of Weighhouse Street, the Deliciously Ella Deli serves an extensive range of plant-based breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks and hot drinks. Starting from a personal blog, Deliciously Ella has now become a widely successful company with its core aim being to promote the benefits of plant-based living.

All freshly made, the menu changes every day, but often includes blueberry pancakes and shakshuka for breakfast. For lunch and dinner, try the sweet potato, chickpea and pumpkin curry served with brown rice and coconut chips. Freshly baked snacks include the peanut fudge slice and fudge brownies – perfectly paired with a hot chocolate or turmeric latte on a cold day. 

10 Best Vegetarian Spots In London

5. Borough Market 

London’s most distinguished food and drink market, Borough Market is a great spot for vegetarian food. Borough Market is an incredibly diverse market, with stalls ranging from vegan gyozas to artisan chocolate to homemade hummus and fresh smoothies. Not only is Borough Market a spot to find delicious vegetarian food, but its vibrant and friendly atmosphere makes it one of my favourite London locations.

Don’t miss the street food stall Balkan Bites for some traditional Israeli bourekas; filo pastry stuffed with fresh ingredients like spinach and feta or tomato and basil. 

10 Best Vegetarian Spots In London

6. Wahaca 

With locations all across London, including Oxford Circus, Soho and Waterloo, Wahaca describes its food as “fresh, honest Mexican market food” – a lot of which happens to be vegetarian. Start with the veggie nachos, topped with cheese sauce, black beans and avocado or try the roasted tomato salsa with fresh lime. Wahaca‘s street food style consists mainly of smaller plates of tacos, taquitos and quesadillas – perfect for sharing. Menu favourites include the black bean and three-cheese quesadilla and the sweet potato and feta taquito, perfectly paired with passion fruit or hibiscus margarita. 

10 Best Vegetarian Spots In London

7. Veggie Pret 

One of London’s best easy lunch locations, you can’t go far in London without spotting a Pret a Manger. The regular chains generally have some good vegetarian options, but Pret actually has four fully vegetarian locations serving a completely meat-free menu. The veggie New Yorker sandwich is definitely one to try – served with peppery rocket and mustard on rye bread. The perfect place to grab a quick, veggie lunch on the go. 

10 Best Vegetarian Spots In London

8. South Bank Food Stalls 

Spend your summer evenings on the South Bank enjoying the bars, the spirited energy and the spectacular vegetarian food. Pop-up food stalls line up along the river, serving a huge range of foods, including empanadas, curries and vegan churros. Sit outside on the picnic benches, watch the sun go down and enjoy some of the great vegetarian food that London has to offer. 

10 Best Vegetarian Spots In London

9. Dishoom 

Beginning with one restaurant in Covent Garden in 2010, Dishoom has now grown immensely popular across London and can be found in five London locations including Carnaby Street and Shoreditch. Dishoom serves the authentic taste of Indian cuisine but with an innovative and creative touch that has yet to be replicated by another restaurant.

It may not seem like an obvious choice for breakfast but you can’t miss the Parsi Omlette or the date and banana porridge. For dinner, vegetarian options take up a huge section of the menu, such as okra fries or the jackfruit biryani. Once London’s best-kept secret, you will now face queues outside of most Dishoom restaurants but it is definitely worth a wait. 

10 Best Vegetarian Spots In London

10. The Detox Kitchen 

Tucked away in Soho’s Kingly Court, The Detox Kitchen is described as the “ultimate healthy food experience” in Carnaby. The Detox Kitchen is devoted to serving healthy and wholesome foods that are full of flavour and nutrients, using seasonal ingredients and made fresh every day. They offer take-away but there is a small amount of seating if you want to stay.

The homemade granola is one of their most popular menu items, as well as their protein egg wraps and avocado on rye. The Detox Kitchen is the perfect option for a quick and healthy vegetarian lunch or breakfast in London. 

10 Best Vegetarian Spots In London

Know more great vegetarian spots in London? Comment below to share! 

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