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Best Tourist Attractions In Liverpool

Best Tourist Attractions In Liverpool

Best Tourist Attractions In Liverpool

There are a multitude of tourist attractions in Liverpool that must be experienced by visitors to the city. Among these are a number of historical buildings, famous locations and landmarks. This article depicts a compilation of some of the most renowned destinations that must be visited if you plan on heading into Liverpool.

The Royal Liver Building

This tourist attraction is a Grade One Listed Building that represents the essence of the city. The Liverbird on top of the tower is an internationally recognized symbol; not only is it the emblem of Liverpool but it is an essential part of it’s skyline. This iconic landmark can be visited from Spring 2019 as it is being made accessible to the public. It promises to offer some of the very best views of Liverpool.

The Pier Head

The Pier Head area includes three of the city’s famous buildings: the Royal Liver Buildings, The Cunard Building & the Port of Liverpool Building. The ‘Three Graces’ are one of the most frequently visited landmarks in Liverpool. It is a pivotal part of the city’s waterfront and is home to many famous landmarks such as The Beatle’s Statue and the Museum of Liverpool.


The Royal Albert Dock

The Albert Dock lies in the centre of Liverpool’s waterfront and consists of many warehouses alongside a collection of Liverpool’s best restaurants and bars. Not only is the Albert Dock one of the most popular tourist attractions in Liverpool, it is one of the most visited locations in the whole of the United Kingdom. It houses many attractions such as the Beatle’s Story, the Tate Liverpool, the Merseyside Maritime Museum and the International Slavery Museum.


Liverpool Cathedrals

Located on either side of Hope Street, Liverpool has two cathedrals – both of which stand as two of its most famous tourist attractions. The Liverpool Anglican Cathedral is the largest in the country and is open to the public everyday. It promises some exceptional views of the city and makes space for several events and conferences. The Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King has an extensive and diverse programme of music events, religious meetings and functions which are described here.


Anfield Stadium

One of the most internationally famous tourist attractions in Liverpool is Anfield Stadium – home to the world-class Liverpool Football Club. Anfield Stadium is a must-see in the city which offers tours of the ground and access to an interactive museum. If you’re fortunate enough to visit Liverpool when there is a match day, it is well worth buying tickets to witness its incredible atmosphere!

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Crosby Beach

Crosby beach is situated on the northern coastline and is one of the many off-the-beaten track tourist attractions in Liverpool. Its main attraction “Another Place” was constructed by Antony Gormley and is a collection of 100 iron, man-size statues facing the water that are scattered along the seaside. The beach is located near Blundellsands and Crosby station and is accessible to the public on a daily basis.


The Beatles Story

The Beatle’s Story is a museum dedicated to the internationally famous Liverpool band. It is among the most popular tourist attractions in the city as it boasts an extensive collection of memorabilia and narrates the story of the band’s rise to fame. The museum is a must-see for fans of The Beatles. Tickets and more information can be found on the website.

The Cavern Club

Finally, the famous Cavern Club is equally as perfect for fans of The Beatles. The nightclub was a very significant venue during the 1960s and the band performed there frequently on it’s rise to national recognition.  Situated at 10 Mathew Street, it has been regarded as the “most famous club in the world” due to this affiliation.

We hope that you visit some of these tourist attractions if you ever have a chance to visit Liverpool! Have you already visited any of these places? Please let us know in the comments about your experiences and if you would recommend any other destinations!
Feature Image Source: shilly on Pixabay