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The Best Things To Buy On Amazon Prime When You’re Bored AF

The Best Things To Buy On Amazon Prime When You’re Bored AF

Take a look at these great things to buy on Amazon Prime! From gifts to personal items for yourself, we have you covered with Amazon bargains.

So here it is, you’ve exhausted all corners of the internet and boredom has struck. When you’re through with scrolling through your different social media feeds and checking out funny memes and videos, it’s time to turn to online shopping to keep the boredom away. Of course, you’ll want those items FAST. So, here are some things to buy on Amazon Prime when you’re bored AF.

Fluffy Unicorn Slippers

If you’re going to be bored, you might as well look cute doing so. These slippers are oh so cute and come in 4 different colours. They’ll be quite fun to walk around the house in and will keep you extra warm and cosy on colder days.

Super-Soft Blanket

While you’re in the cosy department, why not pick up one of the super soft fleece throws that are available through Amazon Prime? You never know when it’ll be cold and rainy and you’ll want to just snuggle up indoors with a tea. Turn your boredom into a good nap and everything’s fine!


Desktop Henry Vacuum Cleaner

Keep your surfaces clean and tidy with this mini vacuum cleaner. This is actually pretty handy and looks cute on your desk. It’s quirky and novel but still has a purpose.

Kinetic Sand

You might have seen kinetic sand in those super addictive Instagram videos. Instead of just watching other people play with kinetic sand, why not go and buy some for yourself? You can sculpt it or scrape it with different tools, and you’re guaranteed to be mesmerised for hours.


Rude Colouring Books

Here’s an adult spin on the relaxing past-time of colouring. While there are already adult colouring books, Amazon has some adult colouring books where you can colour swear words and even sex positions! So if you’re bored AF, get on Amazon Prime and add a rude colouring book or two to your cart.

Candle Making Kit

If you’re bored and feeling a tad crafty, why not try your hand at making some candles at home? Candles are making a comeback in all sorts of designs and scents, and would make the perfect addition to your bedroom or other living spaces. You could even start an Instagram shop out of your homemade candles — that will definitely keep you busy! This is one of the things to buy on Amazon Prime that is great for adding to your own flat or buying for a gift.


A Keri Smith “Fill It In” Book

Keri Smith has written plenty of “fill it in” books such as Wreck This Journal and Finish This Book that encourage your creativity. Purchase one of these books on Amazon Prime and make your way through the pages as a sure cure for boredom.

A Dohdles! Board Game

Bored AF? Why not choose a board game from Amazon’s huge selection and invite your friends over for a round or two? I would personally recommend Dohdles! which is like Pictionary except with sculpting — it’s guaranteed to give you a ton of laughs.


A Film Camera

Explore the amazing possibilities of film photography by purchasing a cheap film camera off of Amazon! They have plenty of disposable varieties to choose from, some mid-range plastic varieties (e.g. Lomography cameras), or you can go all out and splurge on a Canon or Leica. Being bored is the perfect time to go discover a new hobby!

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iPhone Lenses

If you’d like to take some cool photos but aren’t quite ready for a film camera, then check out some of the clip-on iPhone lenses they have on Amazon. These can add effects to the photos you take, such as fish-eye or even colour filters. Wave goodbye to your boredom and take some cool photos and selfies for your insta!

Bulk Bags of Candy/Marshmallows

Some of my favourite things to look at on Amazon Prime when I’m bored are their selection of bulk groceries. If you like candy and sweets, then you might be pleased to know that you can buy kilos of sweets on Prime. Happy munching!

A Set of 48 Nail Varnishes

If you’re bored AF, it might be a good time for a pamper sesh. It might seem a bit extra, but why not splurge on a set of 48 nail varnishes and go crazy? These will come in handy in the future if you ever decide to have a girls’ night in.


A “Grow Your Own” Kit

Find out if you have a green-thumb and try out a “grow your own” kit. Amazon has plenty of different plants for you to try your hand at, but a grow your own Bonsai kit might be a good way to go. Once you grow the tree, it can serve as a great decorative piece. This is one of the things to buy on Amazon Prime that is great for starting a zen garden.

Which of these things to buy on Amazon Prime are you going to try? Let us know in the comments below!

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