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The Best Teen Dramas To Watch On Netflix RN

The Best Teen Dramas To Watch On Netflix RN

The Best Teen Dramas To Watch On Netflix RN

Why is it that everyone can’t resist reliving their youth? I think it’s the warm fuzzy feeling that fills in our tummy’s when we think about our teenage years. Whether you need a sprinkling of nostalgia or a laugh at cringe worthy moments, then Netflix has you covered. The site is bursting at the seams with teen dramas to binge watch. If you fancy getting cosy under the duvet – with only Netflix for company-  these are the best teen dramas to keep you occupied. Get yourself comfy and get ready to enjoy cringe- tastic scenes, friendship goals and determined characters.


Based loosely on the Archie Comics; the series follows an ensemble cast of characters who live in the fictional town of Riverdale. This is a town shrouded in secrecy and opens with a murder mystery. Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse), is our self proclaimed ‘boy from the wrong side of the tracks,’ who guides us through the town’s struggles through his narration. This show builds on tons of teen tropes and can occasionally seem predictable. Yet if you love teenage characters with sass, intelligence, anger and teen angst, Riverdale will welcome you with open arms.  If you think you’ll enjoy watching teenagers channel their inner Nancy Drew, then this is the show for you. THE ULTIMATE GUILTY PLEASURE!

The Best Teen Dramas to watch on Netflix RN

The End of the F**king World

Now I know we aren’t supposed to pick favourites but this British Dark Comedy stole my heart. The eight-part series – originally broadcasted on channel 4 – follows two seventeen-year-olds on a road trip to end all road trips. Our two protagonists are James (Alex Lawther), a self- proclaimed psychopath and Alyssa (Jessica Barden) a rebellious student suffering from problems of her own. When Alyssa proposes they run away, she sets in motion a chain of events that lead to a Bonnie and Clyde adventure. Follow these two as the police chase them on their tale of self discovery and chain of destruction. If you love your comedies with a dark twist and well written protagonists, this is a definite. THE GRITTY COMEDY!

The Best Teen Dramas to Watch on Netflix RN


Gossip Girl

Although this T.V-Show wrapped in 2012, it’s still one of the most loved teen dramas. Based upon the novels of Cecily von Ziegesar, the series invites you into the ‘scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite’. The series follows a group of privileged school friends; whose lives are relentlessly written about on the anonymous blog, Gossip Girl. You’ll be gripped from the first episode as you delve inside the world of scandal, money and scheming. This is a series that has everything; amazing couture fashion, snappy one-liners, beautiful locations and tons of acting talent. Either you’ll need to know Gossip Girl’s identity or you’ll stick around for the on/off relationship of Blair and Chuck. Either way, this is a series that pulls at your heartstrings and make you long to be part of the Upper East Side. THE CLASSIC!

The Best Teen Dramas to Watch on Netflix RN

 Thirteen Reasons Why

Do you like your teen dramas to have more grit than the usual angsty teen dramas? Then Thirteen Reasons Why is a mystery that will have you permanently attached to your seat. This drama follows the life of Hannah Baker; a teenager who commits suicide. Then leaves tapes behind for her fellow classmates, detailing why she took her own life. This series is complicated and not for viewers who struggle with tough issues. With that in mind, this Teen Drama tackles matters that are often shied away from with delicacy and grace. The ensemble cast’s bold acting highlights whether we really know what’s going on in another person’s life. THE ORIGINAL!

The Best Teen Dramas to Watch on Netflix RN

Sex Education

Sex Educationis a Netflix Original that follows our protagonist Otis; who is a socially awkward high school student. This 8- part teen drama sees Otis Milburn – whose mum is a sex therapist- sets up a sex advice clinic with his friend Maeve. The aim of his business is to help his fellow students deal with any sexual problems they may be having. This drama will have you laughing incessantly. You’ll feel for Otis as his mum continually embarrasses him. This is a complete coming of age story with its own charm. If you’re in need of a laugh this is the teen drama to watch. THE CRINGY COMEDY!

The Best Teen Dramas on Netflix to Watch RN

So if you’re in need of cheering up with a guilty pleasure, a good mystery or a comedy series, then this list should pique your interest. Let us know what you think of our picks!

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