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10 Best Summer Vacation Destinations In 2019

10 Best Summer Vacation Destinations In 2019

10 best summer vacation destinations to visit this year all around Europe. Includes Amsterdam, Barcelona, Monaco and many more!

Trying to find the best vacation destination is always hard and as the days get longer and the nights get shorter we know that summer just around the corner.  We haven’t got long now. But do not worry – Ive done all the hard work for you. Sit back, relax, and have a scroll through these 10 great vacation destinations you can hit up this summer.

Budapest, Hungary

A lively and vibrant city break. If you’re a student looking for somewhere to go with the girls, or lads, this is the vacation destination for you. Cheap accommodation – I would recommend looking on Air Bnb. Reasonable flights from the UK. And very very very, did I say very? Cheap alcohol. The thermal baths are a must-go sight and be sure to visit one of the many ruin bars around the city. The weather is always beautiful, with temperatures reaching up to 30 degrees in the summer time.

Amsterdam, Holland

Whether you’re looking for a little weekend getaway or planning to spend a fortnight away – Amsterdam is the place for you. Amsterdam is filled with unmissable attractions and experiences, from the Red Light District, to the original Heineken brewery, there’s a world of things to do. Cycling is key to the city character, so why not hire a bike whilst you’re out there, and cycle along their numerous canals.


Amalfi Coast, Italy

Considered to be the coastal gem of Italy, Amalfi coast is filled with tranquil beaches, dense forests, and picturesque landscapes. It is a perfect break for an adventurer looking to hike through Torre dello Ziro, ride through the Amalfi Drive or explore the Ancient City of Salerno. If I’ve sold it to you already, I advise you visit this vacation destination between May and September to avoid peak season.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is known for its beautiful roman archeological sites and dazzling nightlife filled with high-end pubs and bars. The vibrant city is visited by a multitude of travellers each year, who spend their time either unwinding and relaxing at the beautiful beaches or taking in the elegant art and architecture around the city. There’s so much to do, so be sure to plan your itinerary well. You wouldn’t want to miss out!

Santorini, Greece

Known as the supermodel of the Greek Islands. Visited by anybody who’s anybody, from all across the globe, all throughout the year. The town sits on top of steep cliffs with white-washed houses and the odd blue church domes creating the ultimate lavish landscape. It is a perfect vacation destination for romantics hoping to spend their evenings watching the sunset fall over the town.


Dubrovnik, Croatia

Whether you’re keen to explore the urban culture of the city or reenact your favourite scene from the Game of Thrones, Dubrovnik is the vacation destination for you. A place of boastful culture, outstanding beauty, and unmistakable architecture. A city that will leave anyone lost for words. Be sure to get a good view of all that Dubrovnik has to offer from Dubrovnik’s Cable Car which first opened in 1969.

Monaco, France

If you want to splash the cash, this is the vacation destination for you – without a doubt. Enjoy living the high life in this colourful and captivating city. Indulge in the amazing history filled with barbarians, kings, supercars, movie stars and bags of money. Eat at one of Monaco’s most celebrated Michelin-starred restaurants is Le Louis XV. Although its on the pricier side, its a must – even if it’s just the once.

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Interlaken, Switzerland

Interlaken is the European sports capital. Filled with endless activities, from kayaking, to skydiving, to hand gliding, you’ll find something for everyone. it surrounded by beautiful lakes and nature, so a great destination for a relaxed traveller as well. It’s also fairly reasonable too!

Ghent, Belgium

Burgess and Brussels tend to take up all the spotlight when talking about Belgium. But Ghent is the real place to be. The architecture, canals, and the lively student flair makes the city a real hidden gem in Belgium. Even if just for a day trip, Ghent is a city you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

London, England

Of course. London, the unofficial capital of Europe. There are endless activities to do in London, from musicals to theatre, to the culinary scene and of course the nightlife. London is a vibrant city everyone must visit in their lifetime. The atmosphere is astounding, but be sure to save up your dosh before you head over.


Hopefully, this has made your search for a summer vacation just a little easier. Be sure to send us in some pics of where you end up this summer!
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