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The 10 Best Summer Double Date Ideas You Have To Try Out

The 10 Best Summer Double Date Ideas You Have To Try Out

The 10 Best Summer Double Date Ideas You Have To Try Out

It’s official, summer is upon us, temperatures are increasing and now is the perfect time for couples to start ticking things off of their joint bucket lists. But even better than couple dates are double dates and that is why below I have picked out the ten best summer double date ideas that you HAVE to try out. So without further ado…

1.Mini Golf – yes I know it is generic.

Mini golf has well established itself as a classic date day idea by now but I couldn’t resist mentioning it. Mini golf provides the perfect opportunity for individual couples to get their flirt on by teasing each other, but also for couples to unleash their competitive side by competing against one another. While there are loads of Mini Golf venues to choose from across London, Junkyard Golf in Brick Lane stands out in particular. Couples can complete a 9-hole course whilst getting boozy thanks to signature cocktails such as ‘Obi Wan Banofee’ (salted caramel, Kahlua, and cream and banana are a few of the ingredients), and five individually themed bars. What’s more, the atmosphere is electric and awful puns are painted all over the walls to have you laughing in between any awkward silences. Sounds pretty great right?


2.A tandem bike ride through London’s parks.

Again, this is another active double date idea to help get your heart racing for completely different reasons other than the fact you love each other! Pick one of London’s many parks, for example Hyde Park, Richmond Park, Victoria Park, Greenwich Park – the list is endless – and either take your own bikes or hire one for a day outside in the fresh air and surrounded by nature. The best thing about this double date idea is that it doesn’t have to cost a thing!


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3.Go to an open-air cinema.

What can be more romantic than sitting all snuggled up to watch a movie under the stars at night? Across London this summer various venues are putting on open-air viewings of much loved films to make the most of the long summer evenings. So grab your favourite snacks, a picnic blanket, and book your tickets for a cinematic experience you won’t forget. Notable open-air cinemas and destinations include: Luna Cinema, The Nomad, Shoreditch and One New Change.


4.Get your munch on at a food market.

They say the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach so why not expand this saying further and have a double date feast fit for a king? As a foodie, I have sampled dishes from pretty much all of London’s food markets and would personally recommend Camden as the top go-to double date market. Each stall offers you mouth-watering samples of their food based on cuisines from around the world so that you feel as if you have travelled the globe in a few bites! What’s more, there are also a variety of bars and pubs around the market to have a drink as your double date extends into the evening.


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5.Embrace a bit of culture, visit an art gallery.

Yes, I know art isn’t for everyone, some people find it confusing or pointless to stand in front of a red canvas with a black dot in the middle of it. But the beauty of art is that you do not have to understand it to appreciate it.  My favourite thing to do on a double date is to pick an art gallery around London- the Tate Modern or the Tate Britain always showcases some right gems- and then walk around and discuss what you think the meaning behind each piece of art is. More often than not I have ended up in fits of giggles as my partner and our friends’ guesses have become more and more ridiculous as the day has worn on!


6.Don’t make a noise- go to a silent disco.

The latest craze gripping London is the silent disco scene. This is an ideal summer date idea if you have had an argument with your partner or you don’t particularly like the other couple you are on a double date with. Simply don a pair of headphones, choose your own song, and bust some moves whilst drowning everybody else out. Having said that, a silent disco is also a great way to bring everyone together – more often than not, everyone is listening to different songs so it is hilarious to try and figure out what everybody is listening to based on their dance moves! London Zoo is advertising silent disco nights now so get booking…


7.Become a kid again and visit an adult ball pit.

I am a huge fan of the saying ‘young at heart’ because I feel it is a crime to ever grow up. This view is also shared by the creators of BallieBallerson located in Shoreditch – an adult ball pit meets club. Alongside being immersed in an electric atmosphere, on your double date you can expect to throw balls around, dance to club music, and down individually crafted cocktails! This venue will certainly give you a double date to remember and almost definitely a legendary hangover…

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8.Be sophisticated – book an afternoon tea.

After the above double date idea, I feel it is appropriate to offer something that bit more refined and sophisticated. Afternoon tea is an ideal double date activity for you to be waited upon hand and foot like royalty. Across all London venues that offer afternoon tea (look on Groupon and Wowcher for regular deals), couples can expect nothing less than bottomless tea, finger sandwiches, fresh scones with jam and clotted cream, and a selection of delicious pastries and cakes! Need I say more?


9.Embrace nature- go camping.

Picture this: two tents pitched in the middle of an open field, a warm glowing fire, toasting marshmallows, and sharing stories late into the night. There is something beautiful about being at one with nature and leaving technology behind for a weekend – why not try it out as your next summer double date?


10.Mix it up –go to a cocktail making class.

Instead of going to a local bar or pub as most people do on a double date, why not get behind the bar yourself? Wowcher and Groupon are always advertising cocktail making classes across London at affordable prices. This could possibly be the perfect double date idea out of all the above as everybody knows summer is synonymous with drinking. So don an apron and prepare to get shaking!


So there you have it, a list of the best summer double date ideas. Which one stands out most to you? Comment below.
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