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The 15 Best Stag Party Games To Play With Your Mates

The 15 Best Stag Party Games To Play With Your Mates

Browse through stag night ideas for best stag party games! Your party will be the most fun out of any stag gathering you have ever been to. From Duke of York to dead ants to flip cup and beyond, we have you covered.

Your stag party is an unforgettable night, and what better way to make some epic memories than alcohol and good doses of competition? Pick the location and the stag night ideas to keep everyone, even the most upright bloke of your squad engaged and entertained. These 15 best stag party games are designed to get you and your mates fueled with alcohol and to generate some serious laughter.

The Alpha Game

Don’t get any weird ideas as “alpha” is for alphabet. You start with the letter A and need to come up with the name of a movie, band, sports team depending on the topic you choose. The next player chooses B, and so one. Anyone who pauses or hesitates and is out.

Mr. President

The best man is in command of this one. Mimicking a secret service agent listening to an earpiece, the best man must shout: “get down Mr. President!” Immediately, all stags should jump on the groom to save him from potential dangers.

CARDIFF, WALES – SEPTEMBER 5: US President Barack Obama poses before watching a flypast of military aircraft on the second day of the NATO 2014 Summit at the Celtic Manor Resort in Newport, South Wales, on September 5, 2014. (Photo by Yunus Kaymaz/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

Toy Soldiers

Get yourself a bag full of toy soldiers. You and each of your mates should pull out a soldier randomly. Make sure you remember the pose of your toy soldier as you will need to hold the pose whenever the best man shouts “assume the position!” This can be at any random moment, with no previous warning whatsoever. This is one of the best stag party games that is old-school and nostalgic.

Last Man Standing

Warning: you will need a pair of nickers or some outrageous pants. At some unexpected point during the evening the group will sit down on the floor and the rest of the stag party should follow suit. The last man standing wears the knickers on, unless the groom sits but nobody does. In that case, the groom must wear the item.


An upgrade to toy soldiers. Get some paper, pen and a hat or a back. Write random things: animals, famous people, jobs, etc. Whenever the best man or the lad in charge asks “who are you?” the stags should assume their pose.

LONDON, ENGLAND AUGUST 5, 2012-Jamaica’s Usain Bolt strikes a pose after winning the gold medal in the 100 meters at the 2012 London Olympics on Sunday. (Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times)

Find The Bride

An opportunity to bring out your Sherlock game. All players should embark themselves on a quest to find a woman with the same name as the brides for the weekend before the wedding. Whoever can’t manage to do this pays a penalty.

Dead Ants

Another game set out to embarrass your mates. Whenever someone screams “dead ants!” the party needs to drop to the floor, twist their legs and twisting their bodies to act like dead ants.

Pub Golf

You don’t have to love golf, all you need is your best golf outfit and an alcohol disposition. As in the actual goal, you will choose 9 or 18 pubs. The par for each pub is the number of sips or gulps needed to finish the drink when you’re having it. The goal is to to get round the course in as few gulps as you can.


Beer Pong

An American touch to your evening. The premise is simple: you set up to triangles of cups, each containing a few fingers of larger at either end of a table. In two teams, you take turns to score. If you do so, your opponent should down the beer. This is another of the best stag party games that is a true classic.


Choose a topic (sports, music, culture, etc) and engage in a heated discussion. Ban letters, for instance n or p. Whoever says a word beginning with such letters is the looser and the punishment should be alcohol.

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Film: The Inbetweeners Movie (2011)
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directed by Ben Palmer

The Grand Old Duke Of York

All you need for this game is to know the nursery rhyme “the grand old Duke of York.” Sing the song in a circle and remove a different word each round. Anyone who forgets and accidentally sings the banned word has to drink.

Thumb Master

Nominate someone as the “thumbmaster”. That chosen one can start the tumbmaster game at any random time, all they need to do is to place their thumb on the edge of a table. The last person to do so drinks.


One of those tricky but rewarding games we love, imported from the States. Two teams face off across a table, a cup of beer in front of them. The first player begins by downing the beer and, right after, attempts to flip the cup up so it faces down on the table. It’s a race, so whichever team finishes drinking and flipping their cups first is the winner. This is one of the most classic of best stag party games.



A more complex game, fives requires some mental thinking. In a circle, each player extends a closed fist. They should close it (representing zero) or open it (representing five). Each player should guess the total points in the ring, and whoever doesn’t must down a beer.

Ben Hur

Split your squad evenly into teams before going to the next bar. Each team should decide who is going to be the “charioteer”, which can be the lightest. The other members should act as a Roman chariot and transport their driver while avoiding their feet hit the ground at any time.

Which of these best stag party games are you going to try? Let us know in the comments below!

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