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10 Best Spots To Grab Fancy Drinks In Southampton

10 Best Spots To Grab Fancy Drinks In Southampton

Whether you’re catching up with course mate or looking for a new place for date nights, these are the top 10 places for drinks in Southampton!
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Whether you’re catching up with course mates, showing off to those who visit you at university or looking for a new place for date nights, these are the top 10 places to go for drinks in Southampton!


1. Orange Rooms

A club in Bedford Place, perfect to get the night started. It is a 70’s themed bar that is most well known for their exotic cocktails. What’s great about this place is there are a lot of fancy drink that are exclusive to Orange Rooms, so it is likely to have drinks you haven’t tried yet.



2. Revolution

Seen up and down the country, you know what to expect from Revolution Bars. Usually fairly busy and playing the newest chart classics, you’re bound to have an awesome night! However what makes them the best is their unique cocktails and shot flavours; bubble gum, birthday cake, tiramisu, you name it, they have it.



3. Turtle Bay

A bar and restaurant that is a very unique place and is great for a chilled night out. Their Caribbean inspired cocktails are exotic and explore many flavours however be warned they can be quite strong, but I’m sure you can handle it. From 10-close cocktails are 2-for-1 and when they’re this good, you’ll be thankful to be getting two.

4. The London Road Brew House

One of the most unique and chicest places in Southampton due to it’s modern take on on vintage shabby chic interior design. However it isn’t only awesome for that but for the fact that they brew their own beer. You can be sure to to be getting a cool drink that isn’t found anywhere else.



5. The Hobbit

Undoubtably one of the best places in Southampton for a twist on your old classic pub night out. Cocktails that are named after characters from Lord of the Rings and their famous “Hobbit Challenge,” (which consists of getting through all 14 cocktails and if you do you win a t-shirt at the end) what more could you ask for?

Wednesday = cheap cocktail night

6. Bring And Mix

This bar transforms from a popular cafe in the day to a rather intimate and unique bar at night serving cocktails crafted to your tastebuds. You simply bring the alcohol you want to drink (bring a few to mix up all the different cocktails) and the mixologists will experiment with different flavours to create a fabulous drinks. It’s not only mixing up your drinks but putting a spin on a normal night out.



7. Rumba

A Cuban inspired restaurant that turns into a lively bar at night and with it being 2-for-1 on cocktails  30% off other drinks, it takes you from a meal to pre drinks to night out, all in one place. Not to mention their twist on classic drinks and cocktails are worth a visit for too. Take a look at the Turquoise Daiquiri or the Manderito, they are my top picks.



Non- Alcoholic Fancy Drinks


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Because sometimes we want to tingle the taste buds but not really with alcohol.


8. Mettricks

A chain slowly growing in Southampton, they are seen up and down the high street, so when you do see one I urge you to go in and taste one of the fruit infused teas or one of their Ice coffees. You can be assured to be getting something that is nothing like you get in any other coffee shop.



9. Sprinkles

Becoming one of the favourite dessert bars in Southampton simply for it’s range in sweet snacks and drinks. Their milkshakes are certainly different. They experiment with not only chocolate but with famous sweet brands too, such as skittles. This is the perfect place to try out a new, fancy drinks.

10. The Docks

Not only known as one of the most Instagramable places to go because of its interior but known for their very fruity and fresh smoothies and their exciting flavours of tea. They’re certainly the fanciest smoothies in southampton.


Do you have any other suggestions for places to grab fancy drinks in Southampton!? Share in the comments below!

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