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10 Best Spots To Grab Craft Beers In Southampton

10 Best Spots To Grab Craft Beers In Southampton

Here are the best places to grab craft beers in Southampton. Southampton bars are awesome for grabbing craft beers. Here are a few spots in Southampton.

If you’re looking to have a couple of relaxing drinks around the city and are really into your beers then this list will be a good guide of suggestions of the best spots to grab a good craft beer around Southampton. Here are the best spots to grab craft beers in Southampton next time you’re in town.

1. London Road Brew House

With a rustic, stylish decor on the inside to get your attention and their specially brewed beers you’ll be guaranteed a tasteful night. They do have a tendency to change their in house beers quite often so if there is a particular one you fancy then get down there quickly before they decide to switch up the choices again!


2. The Scholar’s Arms

Newly refurbished to be more spacious you’ll be able to sample the range of craft beers available on tap and test out the comfier seating available that will have you not wanting to leave.


3. Olaf’s Tun

Host to a wide selection of beers, there are choices available for everyone.


4. The Guide Dog

Specialising more in craft ale, The Guide Dog will provide you with a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

5. Chalk Valley

Offering a various drinks menu you’ll be spoilt for choice between craft ale, beer and cocktails.


6. Belgium and Blues

With a slight clue in the name, here you’ll find the best selection of Belgium beers that won’t disappoint…including a range of fruitful beers.


7. BrewDog Southampton

Specialising in Scottish brewery’s craft beers you’ll always be spoilt for choice.

8. The Rockstone

Great beer, great food and great staff. If you walk in not too sure which drink you fancy tonight then not to worry. Just ask the bar staff for a sample to get your taste buds going so you can decide on your favourite for the night.


9. The Alexandra

With good drink prices, a beer garden and the personal touch of vintage games The Alexandra is the place to go for a classic beer or special cocktail with your flatmates bonding over a game of monopoly. Craft beers in Southampton are unreal, but at the Alexandra, they are outstanding.

10. The Stable

Although The Stable specialises in a various range of cider and not beer I couldn’t help but not include this in the list. Open to cider tasting evenings combined with irresistible pizza, The Stable offers you plenty of choice that will have you going back for more. You can bet this is one of the best places to get craft beers in Southampton.

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