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The 10 Best Smelling Candles Ever For Your Apartment

The 10 Best Smelling Candles Ever For Your Apartment

Nothing illuminates a living room more than candles. They have that power to change your room into a dreamy, fantasy place, not to mention a great way to de-stress. It’s gives off cozy, warm, romantic and calming vibes. Plus the smell leaves an enchanting scent, which leaves you feeling like you’re on holiday in an exotic location or gives you that reminiscent feeling. Below are the 10 best smelling candles ever for your apartment!

Stoneglow Log Fire Natural Wax Fishbowl– £17.49

You can pretty much guess from the real added pieces of botanical goods that there will be richness to this scent. This beautifully exotic mix is a combination of tobacco along with a subtle hint of vanilla. It promises a 30-hour burn.

Malin + Goetz Votive Set -£39

This comes in a set of three; dark rum, tobacco and vevito. They’re very earth friendly using only natural ingredients. You’re free to light one. Or if you’re feeling experimental, why not light all three at once. They have a burn of 25 hours but it’s advised to never burn over 3 hours at a time.

The Vices Votive Set, , large

Macaron Rosé– £10

The scent is reminiscent of those high-end luxury pastry shops. It almost feels like you’ve been eating those rosé macarons all day. You can purchase them at Urban Outfitters. There are 3 other delicious flavours to pick from.

Slide View: 1: Gourmand Candle

Maison La Bougie Cactus– £35

If you’re looking for a more unusual scent, then this definitely is a must try. It is inspired by the Mexican dessert, plus the decoration is beautifully presented. The subtle scent of intense cactus plant is sure to transport you to exotic places.

Madebyzen Signature Candle -£19.99

This Italian brand has an intense scent comprising of mint, lavender, neroli, spice, vanilla and sandalwood. This attractive aroma is very warm and welcoming.

Champagne and Pomelo candle -£12.50

This is one of a collection that can be found at Kew Botanical Gardens. It burns for a whooping 40 hours. Who wouldn’t want a home smelling of champagne with a delicious mix of fruits?

Buy Kew Gardens Champagne & Pomelo Scented Candle Tin Online at

Spirit Lamp – £58

As the name suggests, this is indeed a spiritual candle that is sure to carry you through a sensual journey with it’s musky turned peachy and gingery scent. On top of that, it promises to burn up to 60 hours.

Spirit Lamp Candle 200g

Jo Malone Green Tomato Leaf -£44

If you live in the city, sometimes being transported to nature is ideal. This scent is very glasshouse veggie focused. You feel like it’s already summer.

Sara Miller Indian Summer -£26

This has an amazing scent made up of sandalwood, spicy cardamom and a subtle hint of lemon. This candle is perfect for a date. The pot itself is romantically styled and creates twinkling lights that are sure to spice up the date.

White Company Seychelles Botanical Large Candle– £36

This has such a warm scent with hints of bergamot, orange, coconut vanilla and almond. This is sure to transport you to exotic lands.

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Which one of these best smelling candles ever is your favorite? Let us know down below!

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