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The 12 Best Skinny Jeans For Men That We Are Loving

The 12 Best Skinny Jeans For Men That We Are Loving

Here are some of the best styles when looking for skinny jeans for men! From classic, to distressed you need these pairs in your closet now!

Skinny jeans for men? Yes, guys can rock skinny jeans, too. Denim will never truly die, we need it almost as we need oxygen. It’s not too informal or basic as you might think; a wise combination of shoes and the perfect blazer can upgrade your denim outfit into the classiest of the looks. You can do wonders with jeans if you know which style is best for you. If you’re a skinny jean fanatic, check out these 12 jeans for men that we are loving.

1) Granted Black Skinny Ripped Jeans

Black is (and will always be) the new black. This Topman design combines the best of both worlds, ripped fabric, and skinny hips plus skinny, tapered legs. Perfect for giving any outfit a chill and yet rebellious, urban vibe. We love this pair when choosing skinny jeans for men.


2) Indigo Overdyed Stretch Skinny Jeans

A denim wonder with and indigo tone that will complement any dark and neutral tones. If you’re not a risk taker, this model is for you. And bonus points: it has five pockets. This is a great option for skinny jeans for men if you are into more concervative fashion.

3) Skinny Rapid Movement Denim Light Wash Jean

If you’re all about the preppy, classy style, go for this light style. Although it looks like traditional denim, these jeans are engineered for comfort and mobility. We love this classic look for skinny jeans for men!


4) Advanced Stretch Super Skinny No Fade Jeans

We all hate those black jeans that refuse to stay black. Luckily, this model is designed to resist fading for up to 20 washes. In the meantime, you can rock this sober style with its iconic back pocket embroidery.


5) Hollister Epic Flex Skinny Jeans

Hollister Epic Flex Skinny Jeans series offers up to a dozen unique, urban style. This light model features the epic flex fabric, fading and whiskering.

6) Cheap Monday Him Spray Grey Crush Skinny Jeans

Grey jeans don’t always work, but this Urban Outfitters design proves just the opposite. Appart from the remarkable colour, the Cheap Monday jeans are lightweight and breathable, crafted from power-stretch denim for shape-retaining benefits.



7) Bryson Jeans

Wrangler’s Bryson Jeans come in five different colours and offer a clean, sober look. This bright, navy blue exemplar not only stands out because of his colour but also because of its high-quality denim.


8) Grim Tim Dry Open Navy Jeans

An electric, striking blue, brought to you by Nudie Jeans Co. The Grim Tim Navy jeans feature a straight leg and comfort stretch denim.

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9) Jacamo White Skinny Jeans

This list wouldn’t be complete with a white pair of jeans, not always the wisest choice, but totally worth it and a summer must-have. The white fabric goes with about anything, especially rich, bright colours.

10) Revend Skinny Jeans

Based on denim’s humble beginnings as the uniform of the American working-class, G-Star’s Revend Skinny Jeans adds refined details to a timeless classic.


11) 8808 Grey Skinny Jeans

Another grey wonder. Only & Sons’ 8808 Grey Skinny Jeans are pretty much casual and sober. Ideal for using colours and neutral tones.




12) 519 Extreme Skinny Fit Jeans

Extreme and yet stylish, Levi`s 519 Extreme Skinny Fit Jeans offer a comfty and modern option for the everyday routine, designed to go with just anything.


So there are our top picks for skinny jeans for men! Let us know which styled you liked the most in the comments below!

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