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15 Best Sex Tips For Amazing Sex At University

15 Best Sex Tips For Amazing Sex At University

Sex at university can be difficult when there's little to no privacy. But, here are the top 15 best sex tips for having mind-blowing sex at university!

Having sex at university can be very difficult because there is little to no privacy, especially when you have flatmates. Plus, for many, it is their first time having sex and aren’t at their best potential just yet. But, practice makes perfect and these tips can help. Here are the 15 best sex tips for amazing sex at university!


Consent is ALWAYS necessary. You may have known this person for a while or it could be a one night stand, either way it doesn’t matter. Consent has to always be there. If there isn’t consent, or things seem unclear, don’t go any further.

2. Asking if they have been tested/getting tested

You can’t have amazing sex if you are stuck with an STD. Always get yourself tested and never be afraid to ask if they have been tested or not. If they’re uncomfortable with that, then they aren’t ready to be having sex.

3. Let your floormate know not to come back to the room

Be respectful of your floormate and give them a quick text. Privacy is very limited at uni and you need to make sure you get all the time you can.

4. Don’t sexile your floormate

In that same breathe, you don’t want to sexile your floormate multiple times a week. If you plan on sex, do it while they’re in class or you know they won’t be returning for a while.

5. Have a condom stash ready to go

You need to be protected, end of story. Even if you’re on birth control and aren’t concerned with getting pregnant (WHICH YOU SHOULD BE), you still need to be worried about potential STDs and STIs. Just have condoms with you.

6. Create a signal with your floormate

Maybe your floormate’s phone died or they left it behind. You should have a signal letting them know not to come in. This could be a scrunchie or sock on the door or a note.

7. Turn the volume up

No one wants to hear you guys going at it, but you also don’t want to hold back. Turn up the volume on the tellie or blast some music. Just make sure that it’s at an appropriate time.

8. Make use of your desk

Your desk is a great place for you to explore new positions. Sit on the side of the desk while your partner stands or lay flat down for some amazing sex.

9. Also, make use of the chairs in your room/their room

You may have a fuzzy chair or just the chair your desk came with. Either way, make use of it by sitting on your partner or placing one leg up on the chair while you both stand.

10. The floor is always an option

Throw some blankets and pillows on the floor and get it on!

11. Foreplay, foreplay, foreplay

Not many people will understand that foreplay is the key to having some mind-blowing sex. Make sure you know what you enjoy the most and what turns you on so you can tell your partner.

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12. Toys are a fun way to switch things up

University is all about finding yourself and figuring out what you love, right? So, find out what toys work best for you and use the one’s you love!! Whether you’re using it on your own or getting your partner involved, it’s a fun way to switch things up!

13. Communicate with the person you’re sexing

If something doesn’t feel good, tell them. If something feels amazing, tell them! You need to be open in order to have great sex.

14. Be open to experimenting

Have sex in new places, with new people, and new positions! How else are you going to figure out what sex you love best if you don’t try?!

15. HAVE FUN!!!

Most importantly, sex is meant to be fun and enjoyable! Don’t get all stressed out because, chances are, the person you’re having sex with is just as nervous.

What are your best sex tips for amazing sex at university!? Share in the comments below!

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