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15 Best Romantic Quotes To Use In Your Valentine’s Day Insta

15 Best Romantic Quotes To Use In Your Valentine’s Day Insta

Celebrating Valentines day this year? Want to let the world know how in love you are? Then here are 12 romantic quotes for Instagram this Valentines day.

Whether you’re in a relationship or not, we all love a good love story from time to time, and I’m sure we all have that romantic spark in us all. And, what better place to hear these love stories than Instagram, on the most romantic day of the year – Valentines day! It’s the perfect place to spread the love and post romantic quotes (or to annoy the not so romantic people out there). Valentines day can be a sensitive day for some singletons out there, or it can be a day thousands look forward too, a chance to post that romantic quote they’ve been saving on their camera roll for months. A chance to spend quality time with your other half and show them how much you truly love and appreciate them. It doesn’t necessarily have to be all romanticised relationships, show your family and friends some love too! After all, Valentines day is all about spreading love. But, for all those people who are celebrating Valentines day this year, and wanna’ shout their love from the roof tops, here are 12 best romantic quotes to use in your Valentines day Insta.

1. And In The Middle Of My Chaos, There Was You

Sometimes life can get in the way, our manic and busy schedules can certainly get on top of us. But, in the middle of all that, there’s always that special someone there for us. This totally romantic quote is perfect for that soppy Valentines day Insta post.

2. You’re My Cup Of Tea

If you don’t wanna’ be completely serious on your Insta page this Valentines day, then have a bit of fun. It doesn’t have to be a typical romantic quote you post, it can be a light-hearted way of telling the person, and the world of Instagram the love you have for that certain someone.


3. It’s Not Being In Love That Makes Me Happy. It Is The Person That I Am In Love With That Does

When it comes to love, this is important to know, and to also feel. It shouldn’t be the thought of being in love with someone that makes you happy, it should be the person that you love that makes you happy. Being in love is about having a relationship with that person, and having that special connection – that is what should make you happy. A true yet romantic quote to post on your Instagram this Valentines day.

4. Some People Search Their Whole Lives To Find What I Found In You

If you want to be extra romantic and adoring this Valentines day, then go all out and post this romantic quote. If you’re lucky enough to have found the one, and to have found everything you’ve ever wanted in one person – then why wouldn’t you want to shout it from the roof tops?

5. You Will Forever Be My Always

If you know your partner is the one, then make it known this Valentines day. Simple and subtle but straight to the point. A perfect romantic quote to add to your feed this Valentines day.


6. Give Me An Old Fashion Sort Of Love

This one is for the old fashioned and the one who loves tradition. The old fashion sort of love – can you really beat it? This quote is a cool and quirky way to celebrate Valentines day this year, and makes being romantic a little less, well, corny?

7. I Want You Today, Tomorrow, Next Week, And For The Rest Of My Life

This is a romantic quote that gets straight to the point. I want you today, tomorrow, next week, and for the rest of my life. Simple.

8. I Love You

Go simple. Post a short and sweet romantic quote that says everything you need to say this Valentines day – those three little words.

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9. I Fell In Love With You Because Of The Million Things You Never Knew You Were Doing

Everyone loves differently, and it’s the little things about a person that make you love them more. You fall in love with their personality, and you fall in love with the things they don’t know they’re doing. They’re the best type of love stories.

10. Love

Straight to the point. Love is all you need.


11. Because Of You, I Laugh A Little Harder, Cry A Little Less, And Smile A Lot More

This is what love is all about. A healthy love shouldn’t hurt, it shouldn’t make you cry. Love is supposed to make you happy, and smile on the days you don’t feel like smiling. A romantic quote sure to bring a tear to your loved ones eye this Valentines day.

12. Love 24 Hrs

Stick with a cool and trendy theme for your Instagram this Valentines day. Try a understated, romantic quote and opt for something a little different. Love 24hrs.

What is your favourite romantic quote? Have you already got a romantic quote ready for your Insta feed this valentines day? Let us know in the comments below!
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