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15 Best Restaurants In Nottingham For A Graduation Dinner

15 Best Restaurants In Nottingham For A Graduation Dinner

You've take the perfect picture of you in your robe. It's time to celebrate! But where? Here are the best restaurants in Nottingham for a graduation dinner.

So you just graduated university? Congratulations!! Once you’ve take the perfect picture of you in your robes it is time to celebrate; but where? Whether it’s drowning your sorrows as you realize it’s time to grow up and get a job, or celebrating your achievement of becoming thousands of pounds in debt, Nottingham is filled with tons of places to eat and drink. Want a casual bite or a sit down formal dinner? Look no further – here are the best restaurants in Nottingham for a graduation dinner.

1. Bunk

Students love this place for the half price menu, enough said. Cocktails and Chicken Wings will not disappoint. Many people use this place for dates, cheap and cheerful! Located underground, it is the place to be if you want a casual meal with friends and family.

2. Zapp Thai

Ever wanted to go to Thailand? Well this restaurant transports you there. Filled with traditional Asian decorations and an open kitchen, this place will give you market vibes. The food is cheap and amazing, including noodles, rice dishes and traditional desserts.


3. World Service

A little taste of luxury. The Fine dining experience has won awards for its food. Located in a stunning 17th Century house, this place is usually not in any students budget; unless your loan drops. But surely graduating earns a table here right?

4. Pitcher and Piano

Ever wanted eat and drink in a church? Well Pitcher and Piano have made this happen! This stunning church dates back to 1864, how many can say they have eaten somewhere this old? What better way to drink away all your university sins.

5. Annies Burger Shack

Love Burgers and Ale? Well Annies have over 30 different burgers and Real Slow Cask Ales to chose from. This place oozes true American vibes, so sit back and toast your uni life away with a huge burger in one hand and a pint in the other.



6. Georges Great British Kitchen

Georges bring the taste of the seaside to Nottingham, cooking traditional fish and chips the right way. There is also a Gin bar, perfect for post graduation celebrations.

7. Ye Old Trip To Jerusalem

The oldest pub in Nottingham is perfect for a graduation dinner. Most students go here for a cheap pint, take any visiting friends and to see the built in caves. We try to pretend we have a little culture in us, even if Ocean is the only place we truly want to show off to our friends.


8. Las Iguanas

Love South American food? Love happy hour? Well Las Iguanas is the place for you. They have happy hour ever hour; enough said.

9. Oaks

Not on the list of many students as it isn’t cheap and cheerful, but this steak place would make a perfect post graduation dinner. Famous for its meat and Ales, and it will taste even better from the bank of mum and dad.

10. Reds True Barbecue

A true American BBQ restaurant, giving you the famous Doughnut Burger. It seriously works, don’t believe it? Go and try it for yourself and thank us later.

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11. Turtle Bay

Bringing the Caribbean to your table. With Happy Hour being the main attraction to this place, the food isn’t too bad either. Most students know you’ll get as much alcohol for your money as you can.


12. Thaikhun

Another Asian restaurant, however this place transports you to Khao San road; the home of Bric-a-brac. With 20% off for students, what better way to spend your last remaining time as one.

13. Bills

Your loan has just dropped, Brunch anyone? Forget spoons, its time to splash the cash. Bills also has a great dinner time menu, perfect for a post graduation feast; if the parents are paying that is.

14. 4550 Miles From Delhi

Love Indian food? Then enjoy the tastes from 4550 miles away. Think you’ve tasted curry before then think again because this place transports your taste buds, not your average curry ready meal here.


15. Revolution De Cuba

South American food and famous for there amazing cocktails in quirky glasses, which most students take home. This place should be on your list for post ceremony drinks.

What do you think are the best restaurants in Nottingham for a graduation dinner? Share in the comments below!
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