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Best Polka Dot Looks For Fall

Best Polka Dot Looks For Fall

Best Polka Dot Looks For Fall

Polka dot is eternal.

There was a brief moment when people would scrunch their noses at how “old-fashioned” and “out of style” polka dot apparently was around the late 2000s and early 2010s, but I’m glad that’s over — because honestly, few things are more iconic than the polka dot print.

It goes with all kinds of styles — preppy, vintage, chic, neon grunge, boho hippie, lolita… the list goes on, only further confirming just how fantastic polka dot actually is.

So what looks should you invest in this fall 2019? Let’s go through them!

Bright, loud and full

Bright colours and loud contrasts will either make the still warm summery weather stay longer, or dilute the cold wintry greyness that’s about to conquer the streets (you know it will, sadly).

Red, yellow, orange, green — all of these colours are memorable and loud; they will make you stand out in a crowd, attract attention and induce good moods onto everyone. The louder the better — something like a maxi bright green polka dot dress, or a yellow full-body polka dot jumpsuit are the best choices you could make — for both yourself and others!

Best Polka Dot Looks For Fall

Contrasting colours and textures

Frills, varied materials and fits, reversed colours at the top and the bottom — all of these polka dot looks are fantastic. Making something loud even louder is not tacky when done right — and while not everyone is capable of doing it right every single time, those who are really make my day better.

Fall time is the perfect time to experiment with this, with the amount of layers and fits accessible to pick out from. Polka dot tights? Polka dot coats? Polka dot pants? Yes, please!

Quite luckily polka dot is very much in trend right now, and so it will stay — so be on the lookout, always!

Best Polka Dot Looks For Fall


Make your whole outfit quite simple and pattern-less, but accessorise with a loud polka dot detail — like a polka dot bag, headband or pair of shoes — and you’re set. Honestly, polka dot nails are also a fantastic choice!

Not only will that attract just the right amount of attention, it will also draw people’s eyes to it immediately. In addition, quite often a loud accessory or single item of clothing is better and being loud than an entire outfit — if done right, of course.

There are a lot of ways to mix it up to make the accessory stand out while still having it go with the rest of the outfit incredibly well — colour coordination is one of those simple hacks.

Best Polka Dot Looks For Fall

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Sudden little details

One of the absolute queens of Harajuku fashion — Instagram user @sato1024kr whose first name is Satoko (which is all I know about her, besides the fact that her boyfriend Yoshiaki is just as much of a member of Harajuku royalty, too) has shown me the way recently, and I’ve been completely obsessed.

Frilly skirt where one single frill is polka dot? Or a polka dot belt that is otherwise exactly the same colour that the clothing item beneath the belt is? God, yes. This is the most wonderful use of patterns and texture possible — and I promise that doing something similar will have you killing those street fashion Instagram accounts that exist in all countries.

Best Polka Dot Looks For Fall

Cozy and traditional

Nothing ever beats cozy and cute in fall, and polka dot also agrees here.

A warm polka dot sweater or jumper will a) look adorably cute, b) keep you warm, c) go with most other clothing, be it jeans or frilly skirts, d) make you look cozy and ready for hot chocolate and/or snuggling. If a potential snuggler is available, of course.

Go classic — because with polka dot, even the most typical and classic will still not be boring.

Best Polka Dot Looks For Fall

Do you like polka dot? Do you have favourite polka dot styles? Did you, maybe, have a similar experience to me and just inherited this love from your polka dot obsessed mother? Share anything you have to say with us in the comments below!

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