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10 Best Places To Get Drinks In Southampton

10 Best Places To Get Drinks In Southampton

From signature cocktails to delicious cups of lattes, Southampton is full of great bars and cafes. Here are the best places to get drinks in Southampton!
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There are plenty of bars and cafes around Southampton. The first 5 places on this list are my recommendations for you to go to if you’re fancying alcoholic¬†drinks. If not, and you’re just looking for a good night with your friends and tasty drinks without the hangover repercussions the next day then the last 5 places on this list is where I’d recommend you go. Here are the 10 best places to get drinks in Southampton!

10 Best Places To Get Drinks In Southampton

1. Revolutions

With plenty of cocktails to choose from you will not be short of drinks. Plus, with the loyalty card you’re guaranteed the best possible drink deals to make sure you can enjoy your night with tasteful drinks and still have enough cash in your purse for the taxi ride home.


2. The Shooting Star

This is one of my favourite places to visit purely because of the astrology themed cocktails that are cheap, strong and colourful.

3. Orange Rooms

The Orange Rooms has many cocktails that are unique to them. This bar is situated in the heart of Bedford Place. It’s definitely a must visit club for those seeking to complete the bar crawl based solely on fancy drinks and cocktails.


4. The Hobbit

There isn’t too much left to say about this pub except for the fact that you must go there at least once. It will certainly meet your expectations. The Hobbit themed cocktails look luminous in colour, but taste fantastic. Try the ‘Fellowship Challenge’ that allows you to get a free t-shirt on completion!

5. Turtle Bay

If you enjoy decent cocktail prices. then this is the place to visit. Turtle Bay has a relaxed atmosphere combined with fantastic cocktail choices.

6. No#4 Coffee and Wine Bar

Situated within Ocean Village this quaint cafe ranges from serving you their finest cups of coffee to their best wine they can offer. This is definitely a place to visit if you’re not 100% sure on what you feel like drinking because you’ll be sure to decide when you see whats on offer.


7. Sprinkles

This is the place to go to satisfy your sugary cravings. Sprinkles offers you various milkshakes that you just won’t be able to choose from.

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8. Mettricks

Mettricks is a particularly a good place to go the morning after a night out. They will provide you with an incredible brunch and coffee to get you back to feeling like yourself again.


9. Shakeaway

Hidden away at the top of Marlands Shopping Centre, Shakeaway must be the place to go on a hot summers day to refresh your palate. With hundreds of different combinations to you to choose from you won’t be disappointed. Even if the flavours don’t capture your fancy straight away, the names they choose for their milkshakes will surely make your day better.

10. Coffee#1

Coffee #1 is a rare chain of cafe that uses actual tea leaves instead of bags to make your visit more tasteful and relaxing. But if you’re not in the mood for a well brewed pot of tea, their coffee is always worth a cuppa.


10 Best Places To Get Drinks In Southampton
Do you know of any other bars or cafes that should be on the list of best places to get drinks in Southampton!? Share in the comments below!

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