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7 Best Places To Eat In Inverness

7 Best Places To Eat In Inverness

7 Best Places To Eat In Inverness

If you are coming to Inverness there is a wide range of cuisine to try that you will not want to miss out on! Check out the following places when you’re here and you’ll be sure to have a great meal!

1. Fairways

Fairways act as both a golf course and a great eating establishment. Whether you’re there training to be the next Tiger Woods or just driving by looking for some nice, hot food this place has you covered. It does a bit of everything so everyone is sure to find something they like. From pizza and burgers to chili and paninis, this restaurant and bar deliver top quality food at reasonable prices. You don’t have to be a member of the club to enjoy the food/drink and it is a perfect location for birthdays, Christmas dinners or even a quiet lunch on a Sunday when they have a self-serving carvery. And if you’re just looking for a drink or maybe to catch up on some sports, they have a separate sports bar that you can chill out in. The upstairs area is also available to rent out for events. It really is a great little spot.

2. Cinnamon

Now this one is catered more towards those of you who like spicy food. Cinnamon is a beautiful, little restaurant providing the finest Indian cuisine. Every Sunday they offer an all you can eat buffet which is now also held on a Friday evening as it has proved to be extremely popular with locals. The food is delicious and the service is second to none making this a must-visit spot if passing through. It would be best to book a table as it is often very busy here especially when the buffet is on!


3. Castle Street Restaurant

This cosy little diner-like restaurant is the perfect place to pop into for a quick snack or a hearty meal.  They are famous locally for their great food (especially their macaroni cheese) and great prices! Located right in the centre of the city they’re really accessible. Or if you don’t feel like leaving your home, they now do home deliveries so you can chow down from the comfort of your own couch. The excellent service adds to the friendly atmosphere of the establishment. Despite its small size, there is normally always a table free. This place is especially good if you’re in need of some calorific meals.

4. The Dores Inn

Located by Loch Ness, this bar and restaurant are situated in the most picturesque area for eating. Nothing can beat the view surrounding this place, especially if you’re sitting outside during the summer months. They serve a massive choice of meals but their fresh seafood dishes are a particular hit! Then after you’ve eaten you can take a stroll along the beach and the surrounding woodland. This place can be packed out, particularly over the summertime so it is advisable to book. Because it’s a bar you can also just swing in for a drink and soak up the relaxed atmosphere. For the ultimate Sottish eating experience, you really can’t get better than dining beside Nessie!

5. Eden Court

The local Inverness theatre is not only the perfect place to go for shows and films but also for food. They have a separate lunch and snack menu and a dinner menu for the evening. The vegan Thai curry they serve during the day is a highly recommended dish. If you are going to see a play or any type of entertainment here, the restaurant here is the perfect place to dine either before or after. It is deceptively spacious and has plenty of seating both at tables and booths. There are three different bars within the theatre on different floors so you never have to go without a refreshment. This venue is a must-visit! This truly is a gem in Inverness!

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6. Revolution

This restaurant/bar is known for its great food as much as it is known for being the place to go for a good night out in Inverness. It serves up anything and everything you could want at a good value for money and of course being a bar it has an amazing range of drinks too including some amazing cocktails. So whether you’re there for a quiet dinner or a wild night out, the menu will not disappoint!

7.  Johnny Foxes

This well-loved local establishment isn’t just a smash hit because of its cool bar, dance floor, and live music. No, its food is also a show stopper. Using mainly local ingredients from the Inverness area, this menu offers something from everybody from traditional pub grub to specialised dishes. They can also cater for various dietary requirements too so everyone can enjoy a good meal there!


Do you know any other places in Inverness that are nice to eat at? Let us know in the comments!

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