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6 Best Places To Cry When You Just Cant Anymore At Leeds Beckett University

6 Best Places To Cry When You Just Cant Anymore At Leeds Beckett University

There is no denying that studying in Leeds is great, however sometimes it can all get too much. Here are the best places to cry at Leeds Beckett University.

There is no denying that studying in Leeds is great, however sometimes it can all get too much. Whether you fall over the uneven path of Woodhouse Lane 20 times on the way to your 9am, you owe to library £60 for a book you borrowed in the first semester or you spill your latte in Rose Bowl. Luckily for you, Leeds Beckett has a fine selection of places just waiting for you to go and have a breakdown, and we have your back.. Here are the 6 best places to cry at Leeds Beckett University.

1. The library meeting rooms

The library meeting rooms are sound proof which is a major plus if you are on the verge of a breakdown. You are also surrounded by motivational quotes which could inspire you and ultimately set you up for the rest of your university life. For the observant among us however, you can probably notice a massive downside to the sound proof rooms. They are made of glass. Your cries may not be evident to everyone on the third floor of the library, but your mascara stains will be.

2. Broadcasting Place Toilets

Level 3 Broadcasting Place toilets are arguably the quietest place on campus, which is a promising start. Additionally, you can blame your tears on the eye watering green paint which is highly visible in all areas of the toilet. If you squint hard enough then you might actually fool yourself into thinking you are stood in a green field on a summers day… almost.

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3. Dry Dock

Anyone who says Dry Dock is not part of Leeds Beckett is telling the truth… It is not just a part of Leeds Beckett, it is the very heart. Ultimately you are in a bar which also sells breakfast until noon… winning.

4. Queen Square

Undoubtedly, Queens Square wins the scenic vote, making it the most therapeutic place to go when you just can’t carry on. It’s the type of place where someone would go for a breakdown in a movie and then someone would sit down next to them and reassure them that they are going to be ok with a cliché motivational speech. Reality can appear very different however, but you can always blame your tears on your hay fever.

5. Empty Lecture Theatre

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With a number of comfy seats to pick from in a dark room, an empty lecture theatre may seem like the perfect place to go… if you can actually find one. It is not until you need to find an empty lecture theatre until you realise how many people actually study at Leeds Beckett. It is also vital that you don’t fall asleep or get caught having a breakdown. That would probably lead to another, even bigger breakdown.

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6. The showers in Rose Bowl

We have all seen the showers, but have we ever actually seen anyone come out of them? Your answer is likely to be no, as there is a 99% chance that saying you are going for a shower is actually a code word. Going for a ‘shower’ is basically going for a breakdown. Additionally, if there are actually showers in there and someone does come in, they would not question the fact your face is red and your eyes are watering.

So there you have the official best places to go when you just can’t continue at Leeds Beckett City Campus.  Admittedly, wherever you go has some pros and cons, they will all help in their own way. Remember where to go, but more importantly, remember that you will be fine and enjoy your time at Leeds Beckett.

What are some of your favorite places to cry at Leeds Beckett University? Comment below!
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