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5 Best Places To Cry On The University Of Birmingham Campus

5 Best Places To Cry On The University Of Birmingham Campus

5 Best Places To Cry On The University of Birmingham Campus

University is not all sunshine and roses. Some days are hard, some days even harder. A combination of deadlines, tests, social hangups and stress can really get to a student, and sometimes you just need somewhere to let it all out.

That’s fine if you’re on your own in your bedroom, but what if you’re tired of your bed? What if it has become a float in a pool of tears and you need somewhere else to sob your heart out? The great, glorious University of Birmingham campus may be gigantic, but if it’s crawling with other students, then it may seem impossible to find a quiet space alone.

Now, however, you can cut your walking time and find your perfect place to weep, with these 5 best places to cry on the University of Birmingham campus.

5 Best Places To Cry On The University of Birmingham Campus

1. The Guild of Students

Although a pretty large building, and popular during the first few weeks of university where the freshers are getting used to university life, the Guild has many nooks and crannies that safely shield you from any unsuspecting eyes.

Although an open area, the benches behind the Guild (close to Subway) are a good place to get a breather. This is an area for fresher activity in the first semester, so put off crying there until at least Christmas, and go in earnest after Easter.

The different study rooms available on the first floor of the Guild can be deserted and are often kept quiet. With plenty of tables, you too can rest your head on the pile of work you have left to do and weep gently at the thought of all the sleep you will never be able to achieve.

5 Best Places To Cry On The University of Birmingham Campus

2. University of Birmingham Library (subject to availability)

Yes, one of the top concerns of UoB students is the lack of study space, especially in the library – but hear me out. The library is a complex creature with some very tight spots. If you’re happy to do a stand-up cry, then bookshelves are always a perfect location.

If squeezing through the library aisles doesn’t suit your specific sobbing tastes, then consider this: first, the library’s seating plans occasionally throw up some very secluded spaces for you to cry to your heart’s delight. Second – the library is not always full 24/7: if you time your wailing exactly right, you should be able to secure an empty seat in the evening and the early hours of the morning, and be left alone to weep in peace.

3. Selly Oak Campus

I’ve put this campus on the list because I wasn’t aware that this place existed until a couple of months ago!

The Selly Oak Campus caters for Drama and Theatre Arts students – a large group of students, yes, but still a minority of all the degree types offered by the university. As such, it is almost never frequented by anyone who doesn’t study Drama, and its study spaces are much quieter than the ones on the main campus. You may have to walk a long while to reach it, but once there you are almost certainly guaranteed the freedom and the loneliness to cry for as long as you like.

5 Best Places To Cry On The University of Birmingham Campus

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4. Aston Webb Study Space

This is a gold mine of a study space, simply because the maze-like building in which it resides means it’s almost impossible to even reach it.

Those who do and have lived to tell the tale can confirm that its seclusion is unparalleled by any other UoB study space. Each seat is a hub, much like the colourful seats on the ground floor of the Library, which means people won’t see you sobbing unless they really, really want to. In reality, that isn’t likely to happen anyway, as no one actually goes there (much least at night).

5. Mental Health Services

In all seriousness, if you are actively scouring the campus for places to cry in, on a regular basis, it may be time to talk to someone about it. And cry about it with.

Releasing some of your stress by discussing how you’re feeling with friends, flatmates and/or family, can be beneficial, but if that’s not enough then UoB offers mental health services for you to use should you need to. The drop-in services at the Aston Webb Student Hubb allow a free half an hour chat, but you can sign up for counselling sessions online with the Welfare Team. If you’re wanting something a little more informal, then the student-run Nightline will answer your call and keep an ear out for you.

If you’re not at a stage of needing to talk to a professional, then it’s never a bad thing to keep these in mind!

5 Best Places To Cry On The University of Birmingham Campus

Which place would you recommend to let it all out? Let me know in the comments below!

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