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Best Places To Celebrate 420 This Spring

Best Places To Celebrate 420 This Spring

Spring is almost here which can only mean it’s time to start thinking about every stoner’s favourite holiday -420. 420 is a time when everyone who enjoys nature’s natural medicine joins hands and hearts and lights up together. Of course, I mean this metaphorically. I don’t discriminate if you prefer a vape or edibles. What I love about 420 is everyone gathers – usually outside to just enjoy nature in a number of different ways. My favourite way to celebrate 420 is to go to a park or somewhere outdoors with friends, where I can just relax and take everything in.

Here are the best places to celebrate 420 in the UK.

Hyde Park

Located in London, Hyde Park is a great place to just chill and hang out with friends, especially in the summer – or the winter if you’re at Winter Wonderland! It’s spacious and beautiful and there’s loads of little places you can picnic on the grass and celebrate 420.

Best Places To Celebrate 420 This Spring

Preston Park

Located in Brighton, Preston Park is a beautiful area near a small rose garden, which is full of greenery and flowers. It’s located just outside of the center of Brighton so it’s not too busy and is a little walk to get to, but it’s definitely worth it to celebrate 420.

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The Level

The Level is also located in Brighton and is the perfect meeting place. It’s super central and easy to get to – very near the station. There’s nothing particularly special about The Level, except it’s always full of life and energy and easy to move on if you choose to go for dinner or drinks. The Level is always busy with great energy and music – and sometimes hoola hoopers and juglers!

Best Places To Celebrate 420 This Spring

Kings Meadow

Located in Reading, Kings Meadow holds some of my fondest 420 memories. There’s a river running straight through it, and water is always great to look at while you’re buzzing. Plus it’s a tranquil, chill area with loads of chill space. You can play your own music and chat with your besties without feeling like you’re too close to the next person, and there’s a woods attached to go out explore and get a little lost in.

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Greenwich Park

Located in east London, Greenwich Park is right next to the extravagant university grounds. It’s got a river nearby where you can chill and watch the ripples and its just a beautiful place to hang out. There’s also a street food market near to satisfy all of your munchie needs.

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Kelvingrove Park

Perfect for my Scottish residents and visitors, Kelvingrove Park is located in the west end of Glasgow. This park is a beautiful place to absorb nature and just truly hang out. There is also an art gallery and museum on site if you’ve got an urge to satisfy your culture feels.

Queens Park

Best Places To Celebrate 420 This Spring

Botanical Garden

Northern Ireland has one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in the UK. It holds a range of plants and flowers and is great to wander around, lost in your own world. It’s great to just take a moment to truly enjoy nature. Especially if you’re a bit of a lone soldier and want 420 to be a time of reflection and self-love.

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Any Beach

Beaches are a great place to get a little high. The waves are soothing and there’s often food near. I would recommend Brighton beach so you can play in the arcade when you want a little action in your life. But also, it’s always sunny and nice to just mellow out with friends and enjoy the sound of the waves crashing.

Spring time is almost here, which means it’ll soon be 420! Finding the perfect place to celebrate 420 can be a mission. Tell us your favourite places to spark up and celebrate!

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