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5 Best Photo Editing Apps for The Summer

5 Best Photo Editing Apps for The Summer

Looking to give your Instagram Feed a new look? We're here to help! Check out our 5 Best Photo Editing Apps for The Summer!

Take your Instagram and Insta Stories to the next level this summer with our 5 best photo editing apps for the summer. All of these apps are must-haves for summer, think cool vintage effects, polaroid features, and lux collages. There are loads of ways to get creative with photo editing and make your Instagram stand out from the crowd, here are just some of the best.

1. Retro Cam App

Give your photos a vintage feel this summer with Retro Cam. These vintage filters are perfect for your Instagram feed this summer, with faux-film filters, light leaks and a grainy vintage feel to leave your photos looking straight out of a vintage film. This old photo editor has cool film effects and includes everything you need for the perfect vintage look, including dust textures, light leaks, and cool glitch effects. This app is fun, easy to you and will make all your vintage photo dreams come true this summer.

2. NOMO Point and Shoot Minimalistic Analog Camera App

No polaroid camera? No problem! Nomo allows you to edit your own photos in a polaroid picture style, and post them straight to your social media! Great for Instagram stories and sharing fun pics with friends, the app also features loads of other features including curves, vignette, frames and sharpening to add to your image, just like a film camera would do. Download it now and play with all the cool features NOMO has to offer, and give your Instagram a unique old-school summer feel.


3. StoryLux App

The latest craze for Instagram story photo editing is Storylux. This deluxe app offers a range of templates and filters designed primarily for your Instagram story, with over 320 unique photo and video templates all with filters and cool backdrops to take your Instagram story to the next level.

Templates vary from film, collage and neon and are sure to hot up your Instagram stories this summer! Storylux creates beautiful and creative designs like no other app and is overall a great and unique photo-editing app. A, newer, slightly cooler version of Unfold photo editing app, the layout of StoryLux is clean cut and your designs and photos are guaranteed to look professional when using this app.

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4. Glitty Glitter Effect Editor App

Add some sparkle to your life and your photos this summer with Glitty, the glitter effect photo editor you need. With Glitty, you can edit and transform your photos into a glittery masterpiece and add some much-needed sparkle to your Instagram theme this summer. Glitty is easy to use, you simply select your photo, erase the area you want to transform, (think bikinis or sea backdrops), and finally select one of the stunning glitter lux textures and make your photo shine! This app is amazing and a defo must have for summer.

5. Adobe Lightroom CC App

You can’t go wrong with Adobe Lightroom, which is arguably the best photo editing app out there. With a range of features, some free and some premium, Lightroom offers presets, colour mixes and various camera modes to help you get the best shot then edit it to perfection. Even ideal for simply enhancing light, use Lightroom to really show off your photos and bring them to life this summer.

These are just some of many cool apps available free to download on the App Store, and most are available for either iPhone or Android, so choose and download, and give your Instagram feed a cool new look this summer!

What are some of your fave photo editing apps? Let us know in the comments!

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