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10 Best Phone Apps For Students

10 Best Phone Apps For Students

These phone apps are going to be so useful for any students. Here is a list of the top phone apps that you need to download now!

It can be hard to juggle everything at university sometimes, from assignments, to bills whilst trying to live on your own and balancing a social life. Hopefully, with these apps, these issues will be a little bit easier to handle. Here are ten phone apps for students that can help with every aspect of university.

1. Researcher

If you can’t seem to get your articles through your library, this is the place to go. This phone app is full of articles if you need another place to look for articles for your assignments. This is the perfect phone app for students who have to read a lot of academic journals and articles. This is one of our favorite phone apps!

2. Tasty

If you love cooking and looking for something different to make, Tasty is the app for it. Its filled with recipes for every occasion, from breakfast to dinner. Regardless of how good you are in the kitchen, if you are looking for a recipe, Tasty is a great app to search for them. They offer both written instructions and videos where you can watch how to make the recipes. They cover the basics to creative new alternatives, perfect for when you need something quick after a long day at university or you want to impress your housemates with something new.


3. BBC news

For keeping up with the world around you. A lot of subjects will discuss the latest news and a lot of what is going on will lead to many debates with people. hopefully, with this phone app, you’ll be up to date with everything in the world on a daily basis.

4. #Selfcare

This is a great phone app for students who need to unwind or are feeling overwhelmed. The phone app specialises in mental health and focuses on helping you feel mentally better. As your character is lying underneath the covers after a long day, there are several easy activities you can do to help both unwind and be more mindful. Whether you need some help breathing, or just want to pet a cute cat hiding under the covers, this phone app is great when you need a break.

5. Word of the day

At university, you’ll be learning and writing so many new things. This phone app will help you improve your vocabulary one day at a time.


6. Dictionary

Of course, every student, no matter what you will be studying will need a dictionary.  You might not be able to use these in lectures but when you’re stuck on a word during an assignment or reading, its right there instead of thumbing through pages to get to find it.

7. Quizlet

This is a great phone app for students who have exams coming up and help with revision. You can use it offline, so you can take it anywhere without having to use up data. You can use flashcards, matching tests, all to help you study. You can make your own set, or you can have a look at what other people have done. By doing several different revision activities during your studies, you’re more likely to improve your grade. With this phone app, revision should be a piece of cake.

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8. My study life

Once you have your timetable, you can put all your classes, exams and assignments into this app to help you stay organised. Not only does it help you plan, it reminds you what needs to do whether it be homework or revision. It’s a great phone app for students who want to be organised.

9. Evernote

If you ever need all of your documents in one place, Evernote is a great app for this. You can make your to-do lists and add your documents here. Have this on multiple devices so that you can double check your notes from any device.

10. 7 Minute Workout: Fitness App

If you want to be more active but don’t have a lot of time, this phone app helps you keep fit. You can choose between different workouts. If you want to keep healthy but don’t want to go to the gym, this is the app for you. This is one of the best phone apps!

Whether you need help being more organised or need some help with revision, these are perfect phone apps for students which should help make life at university a bit easier to handle. Is there any that is missing here, comment below.
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