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The 10 Best Petite Clothing Brands To Shop Online For

The 10 Best Petite Clothing Brands To Shop Online For

Here are the best petite clothing brands to shop from! We have featured our favourite pieces from our favourite stores and brands for you!

They say great things come in small packages, which is mostly true, but can make shopping for clothing that actually fits super hard. If you’re 5’3″ or under, I’m sure you’re familiar with the struggle of finding the perfect item and then trying it on to find that it actually drowns you. Don’t fret, you’ll never have to deal with that problem again by checking out these ten best petite clothing brands to shop online for!


ASOS still has one of the biggest and most inclusive selections of fashion online, with ranges for tall, plus-size and petite girls. This is a great place to check for everyday wear as well as occasion dresses, as they carry amazing formal brands such as Jarlo London in petite sizes!


2. Topshop

Topshop is by far one of the best places to shop for trendy, cool-girl staples, plus they have a large petite selection so smaller people don’t miss out! The great thing is that they acknowledge that petite girls also come in different shapes and sizes, so their stuff makes room for curvy, yet short ladies. Definitely check them out for the best petite jeans around.

3. Anthropologie

If you’re a big fan of flowy, boho clothing, then Anthropologie is the place to look. It’s often hard to find loose, maxi pieces for petite girls, but Anthropologie’s range is actually just a lot of their standard pieces made smaller for people 5’3″ and under. Make sure to check the sales often as they’re often full of petite pieces!


4. River Island

River Island is one of the best places to shop online for glam going out clothes! Even if you don’t like any of the petite items, it’s worth checking in their regular range as well, as a lot of the items are sized pretty small and will work for smaller frames. For sure, one of the best petite clothing brands!


5. Miss Selfridge

Miss Selfridge’s petite line is totally underrated, but this should be the first place you look if you want formal wear for petite frames. They have a huge selection of everyday clothes, but their gorgeous maxi dresses and jumpsuits are definitely the stars of their collection. Check here for a selection of glam co-ords that you usually won’t get in petite sizes.



6. Reformation

This brand isn’t only conscious about the environment, they’re totally body-conscious too! If you’re a big fan of super feminine, flowy pieces, then you’ll love their entire aesthetic. All their products will make you look like you’ve just stepped out of a holiday getaway catalogue, and, of course, are tailored to fit people 5’3″ and under. One of the best petite clothing brands!

7. Boohoo

If you want to keep up with trends but don’t want to break the bank, Boohoo has got you covered. They’ve got tons of on-trend items for people of all sizes, from plus-size to petite.

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8. Uniqlo

Because it’s a Japanese brand, a lot of the items at Uniqlo are sized smaller than most local brands. This is a great place to check for basics and super comfy jeans. If you shop in store, they also offer a free hemming service so that all your items fit you perfectly!


9. Brandy Melville

While Brandy Melville doesn’t actually have a petite range, all their items are “one size fits most” and are actually sized pretty small. If you want a whole range of cute basics that will fit your small frame, this is one of the best places to look. They have some of the cutest tank tops and cropped tops around! Definitely one of the best petite clothing brands!


10. Gap

Gap’s GapFit range is a great place to look for workout clothes that will fit even the smallest of frames. A lot of the time, high-street brands will make super cute leggings and workout tops but these can look awkward or far too long on petite frames. Shop at Gap and you’ll never run into that problem again.

What are your favourite best petite clothing brands to shop online for? Let us know in the comments!

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