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The Best Parks Around Manchester To Take A Run

The Best Parks Around Manchester To Take A Run

The Best Parks Around Manchester To Take A Run

The Best Parks Around Manchester to Take a Run:

Manchester is a very industrial city but within the cityscape, and specifically the student areas, are a smattering of parks which are fantastic to go for a run. Some of them are tiny but good for a quick run about, others have running routes built in and are great if you’ve got a little more time.  All of these parks have history and it a fantastic way to get to know the city in a healthy and fit way.

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Birchfields Park

Birchfield Park is down in Rusholme, just behind Anson Road. It’s a big park and has multiple running routes around it for different running strengths. This park also has some fun wooden sculptures hidden in the trees and bushes. It’s a great park to jog and explore and if you’re a fan of walking before you run, it has a really nice simple walk from Fallowfield.

Kingswood Park

This park is a tiny park in the heart of Fallowfield but is generally very empty. It’s about half a kilometre round and has a basketball court in the middle. It’s very simple and very easy if you don’t have much time.

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Ladybarn Park

Ladybarn park is very large and is very busy with running groups and students. It’s a lot bigger than Kingswood and is a very social park and has a lot going on for those who like to run with a strong athletic atmosphere.  This park also has a bowling green, a multi-purpose area and tennis courts.

Highfield Park

This next park has running tracks and different routes throughout. It’s a very pretty park and has a little stream running throughout. The park itself is 70 Acres and was part of Manchester’s old industrial history. Since then it has become a country park, with tree lined paths and a golf course on site.

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Manchester is a great city to get fit in without spending any money on expensive gym memberships. All of the parks are easily accessible and all have different atmospheres and equipment for whatever it is that you’re looking for in open space.

What do you think are the best parks around Manchester for a run? Let us know down below!
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