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Best Nutritious Smoothies To Make To Start Your Day

Best Nutritious Smoothies To Make To Start Your Day

Are you interested in making smoothies and not sure where to start? Here are some of my favourite smoothie recipes to start your day in the right way!

Smoothies have become a hugely popular drink these days, with so many displaying their creations on their Instagram feed in a variety of colours and with many different ingredients. It is actually not very expensive to get a Nutribullet and it is a great way to get a large number of nutrients that we need all in one shot! I have to admit that it is quite hard for me to get my daily 5 a day of fruits and vegetables if I have to eat them whole. I do try and make sure I have fruit, and eat vegetables with my meal, but since investing in a Nutribullet and incorporating a smoothie into my routine, I get a hit of nutrients all at once. Personally, I do not like to use them as meal replacements but rather something to enjoy alongside my coffee and breakfast! Here are some of the best nutritious smoothies to make to start your day on the right foot!

Glowing Green Spirulina Smoothie

Spirulina has a whole host of benefits and via smoothie is the only way I am able to consume it and actually enjoy it! I have tried to top a helping of Spirulina over my oats or cereal but it wasn’t as enjoyable as it was when I mixed it with banana, dates, coconut water, spinach and blueberries! This is one of my favourite smoothies to get a kick of nutrients before I eat anything else. Spirulina itself contains amino acids, calcium, magnesium and B vitamins to name a few. It is definitely a great superfood to incorporate into your diet!

Best Nutritious Smoothies To Make To Start Your Day

Celery, Spinach, Apple Avocado Smoothie

A plain old celery smoothie does wonders for your health. It has a whole host of benefits including weight loss, boosts digestion, lowers inflammation and cholesterol. I struggle to add celery into my vegetable or salad dishes so this smoothie is a great way to get the healthy vegetable into my diet. I like to mix it with green apples, spinach in order to get my protein and avocado for those healthy fats. This is definitely filling and will set you well for your busy day ahead!

Best Nutritious Smoothies To Make To Start Your Day

Peanut Butter Smoothie

I absolutely love peanut butter and love to make this smoothie on days I feel like indulging. For this smoothie, I tend to make it with bananas, greek yoghurt, milk and essence of vanilla. You will literally feel like you are drinking a milkshake! The flavours are very creamy and are healthy for you at the same time! This is actually quite a filling smoothie and at times this does replace my breakfast due to the yoghurt and peanut butter. This is a great way to start your day with the right about of probiotics, healthy fats and protein.

Best Nutritious Smoothies To Make To Start Your Day

Watermelon Smoothie

This smoothie is very simple and requires only one ingredient: Watermelon! I absolutely love watermelon, especially during the summer months where it is a refreshing way to cool down. A watermelon smoothie is equally as refreshing and a great way to stay hydrated as it has a high water content. It also has a good amount of Vitamin C and contains antioxidants for healthy skin. You can also combine the watermelon with many different fruits that will really compliment it including any kind of berry, bananas, pineapple as examples.

Best Nutritious Smoothies To Make To Start Your Day

Berry Smoothie

This is definitely one of my favourite smoothies as a little sweet indulgence to start the day every now and then. Simply put strawberries, blackberries and blueberries into your blender with some low-fat greek yoghurt. Add some coconut water for the liquid and banana to make the smoothie thicker. Voila, you will have an extremely delicious drink. A perfect way to start the morning! This would not be one that I recommend having every single morning however as the sugar content is very high.

Best Nutritious Smoothies To Make To Start Your Day

Mango, Date, Avocado, Coconut Water Smoothie

Mangos are definitely my favourite fruit and I love starting the day with a mango smoothie. I especially love combining a whole mango with some dates, avocado and coconut water. The dates contain iron which is essential in a healthy diet, and the avocado contains healthy fats. Mango itself is quite high in sugar however it has a large number of antioxidants and Vitamin C. It can lower your cholesterol levels as well as cleanse your skin from within helping you have a beautiful and glowing complexion.

Best Nutritious Smoothies To Make To Start Your Day

What are your thoughts on the smoothies listed above? Are there any smoothie recipes that you swear by? Do let me know your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below!

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