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The 8 Best Netflix Original Series To Watch Right Now

The 8 Best Netflix Original Series To Watch Right Now

These are some of the best romance films that you can watch on Netflix and chill to right now! Check out this list of our favorites!

Netflix is one of the most relaxing ways to kill time when you have a day off, or when you are taking a sick day on the sofa. With its recent success, Netflix has created a number of original series that have taken the world by storm. With the overwhelming number of shows available on the service, here’s a top 8 list of the best Netflix original series worth your time and attention. Beware this may get addicting.

 1. Stranger Things

This sci-fi fantasy TV series inspired by the age old Dungeons and Dragons game created by the Duffer brothers really ticks all the boxes for a great watch. Taking the world by storm, this Netflix original has been popular all over the globe for good reason. Following the eery disappearances of a young boy in a small town, and a powerful science experiment resulting in supernatural powers, this story is suspenseful, adventurous, warm, and hilarious all at the same time. The throwback to 1980s America combined with an excellently crafted cast of characters, this show is one that is suited for all.

2. Orange Is The New black

Yet another Netflix original that is taken the world by storm, this unique TV series set in a women’s correctional facility in the US is the perfect balance of raunchy and heartfelt. Telling different stories of prisoners who are detained at Litchfield penitentiary in upstate New York, this TV series addresses many real-world dilemmas that women and those who are imprisoned must face. Providing an alternate human facet of criminals, Orange Is The New Black will have you invested in no time.


3. Black Mirror

For those who love a dystopian theme, the twisted technology dystopia of Black Mirror is just the one for you. With free-standing episodes, this show is easy to watch and low commitment: watch one whenever you have time without having to worry about forgetting what happened in the previous episode. Each episode focusing on a terrifying aspect of modern technology pushed to the extremes, the disasters and dilemmas the technology causes is sure to chill you to the bone. Like holding the cold dead screen of a screen up against the society like a black mirror, this Netflix original is definitely another great watch.

4. Jessica Jones

For those diehard Marvel fans out there, these Netflix series gives fans a chance to watch smaller characters and superheroes gain some recognition in their own TV series. Super strength Jessica Jones borders on the anti-hero with her drinking, explosive temper, and her dislike for other human beings. The TV series tells her story of origin and her struggles with villains that have appeared in her past life. Jessica Jones is definitely an interesting Marvel character that is real, authentic, and human.

5. Altered Carbon

A sci-fi Netflix original TV series that is definitely for those science fiction fans out there. Altered Carbon toys with the idea of consciousness and separating it from the body. What would you do if you could live forever by moving body to body? Following the story of a criminal who has been returned to investigate a murder, the adventure this series takes you on is definitely one that is gripping and exciting.

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6. Sense8

A group of eight who possess supernatural abilities and are able to link together emotionally and mentally: sensates. Their ability to share language, knowledge, and skills puts them in harms way and they must work together to stay alive. Exploring difficult political, sexual, and social themes, this science fiction show has it all.

7. Narcos

All about world famous cartel leader Pablo Escobar. Exploring his enormous cartel, and influential criminal empire, the life of the world’s richest both business and private is presented in Narcos. Netflix offers a fictional dramatised take on Escobar’s life and drug empire that is sure to put you on the edge of your seat.


8. A Series of Unfortunate Events

Bringing everyone’s favourite childhood series to life, Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events brings Lemony Snicket’s immortal stories to life. Following the unfortunate Baudelaire orphans and their struggle against the evil Count Olaf, their unfortunate events are filled with suspense, black humour, and will definitely get you hooked. The styling and casting of the show is detailed, thoughtful, and definitely does wonders in bringing the classic stories to life. These are just some of the best Netflix original series you should be watching!

Are these the best Netflix original series to watch? Let us know in the comments below!

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