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The Best Mid-Range Jewellery Brands

As of late, I have become something of an accessory aficionado, specialising in the shiny sort. Some might argue my jewellery addiction is becoming a problem, with any compliment I receive only exacerbating my magpie-like tendencies. Though my bank may see it as an issue, my love for high street brands mean my jewellery addiction has less of an impact on my finances than my habit for a Deliveroo or two too many after a night out.

So, if you’re looking to put your money where your trinket dish is, rather than where your mouth is, read on for the best mid-range brands for the coolest earrings, necklaces and rings you can get your fingers on… or you can get on your fingers?

1. Stradivarius

This Spanish retailer is always a reliable choice if you’re looking for trend-led pieces of jewellery. Having grown up a skipping stone’s throw from the sea, I like to pretend that this new beachy boho trend represents more than just my attempt to live my life according to my Pinterest boards. With a multipack of shell bracelets starting, gone are the days when you only wore conch shells at the beach – is there no better time to channel those H2O vibes than summer 2019??

2. Kingsley Ryan

Whilst I am a vocal advocate for layering your whole necklace collection all at once, I am categorically opposed to mixing your metals. The nature of my relationship with jewellery is not unlike my romantic aspirations – I crave commitment. Accordingly, whilst gold is my metal of choice ninety-nine per cent of the time, my jewellery box does contain a few silver pieces for when I’m wearing that jacket with the silver hardware. Kingsley Ryan’s sterling silver collection is both beautiful and affordable. You can shop directly on their website, or buy their jewellery on Asos. Their earrings would make the perfect gifts for a friend, or a payday treat for yourself.

3. Warehouse

Year after year I routinely disregarded Topshop’s plainer, quieter sister brand, but this season’s gorgeous jewellery collection has well and truly converted me. Expect to find statement earrings in super trendy finishes like resin tortoiseshell, woven materials and wood. If big and bougie is less your thing and you prefer your accessories to be more muted and timeless, Warehouse have lots of delicate necklaces at tempting price points. A personal favourite is their bamboo initial necklaces.

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4. Astrid and Miyu

This London-based brand has a pretty decent following on Instagram, and is likely a favourite of many of the influencers on your following list. If you’re in the market for a couple of those obnoxiously large pearl hair clips that are reminiscent of the sparkly clips you used to pull your fringe out of your face with when you were nine, you’ll find them here. Besides hair accessories, they have a piercing service at their concession at Selfridges – providing the ideal opportunity to add something funky to your ear party.

5. Rock n Rose

I first perused the Rock n Rose website after I saw a dog tag necklace with ‘punk rock’ on it was featured in an edition of my then-favourite magazine, Top Of The Pops. Their designs have come a long way since 2011, catering to more – um – refined tastes. As long as my inner tweenager endures, I will continue to have a soft spot for their script necklaces, and I can also always rely on their antique-style medallion necklaces to appease the grandma in me. Their ring collection is equally as broad, so whether you’re looking for dainty stacking rings or something bold and bulbous, there’s one for every finger.

Which side are you on? Gold or silver? Tell us in comments below.

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Sarah Hastings

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