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The 5 Best Makeup Brushes Under £20

The 5 Best Makeup Brushes Under £20

Love makeup but don't have the money to buy crazy expensive products? Don't worry, these are some of the best makeup brushes that you can get for under £20!

In today’s day and age, no more do we have to stare at still magazine pictures for our make-up inspiration and guess the techniques and tools used to create such amazing looks. Today we have vloggers!!!! If you’re a girl like me, you’ll spend hours in the evenings watching beauty tutorials– making notes of the best, must-have tools!! One of the hardest decisions a girl can make is choosing the right makeup brushes. Fundamentally choosing the right brush can make all the difference between rough and streaky to smooth and silky looking skin. But what are the best brushes if you’re on a budget?? Here is my take on the top 5 makeup brushes under £20!!

5. Eco Tools- 6-Piece Starter Collection

This ultra soft set is for those of you who want to look good whilst being environmentally friendly. For me, one of the best brushes in the set is the angled liner brush, which I can honestly say that I use on a daily basis. It’s the only brush that can guarantee a sharp edge at the end of my cat eye. Another neat thing about this set is that they come in a re-usable pouch – which I think makes them perfect for travel. From time to time, if I know it’s going to be a long day, I’ll chock the pouch in my bag and use the brushes for touch-ups during the day.


4. Morphe- 600 12-Piece Sable Brush Set

Again this is a cruelty-free collection, and is a definite bargain, coming in at just £14 for 12 brushes – that’s just over £1  per brush!!! This is a brilliant starter set for those of you who are keen to unleash your inner beauty guru. This amazing set comes with pretty much any type of brush you’ll need, making it perfect for all of you inner bargain hunters.

3. Morphe- 690 6-Piece Deluxe Contour Brush Set

This is my most recent makeup brush purchase – and definitely one that I don’t regret. Coming in at 50p over budget I can guarantee these brushes do not disappoint. Yes … they say ‘contour brushes’, but the three bigger brushes are amazing (and I mean amazing) at blending foundation. These brushes really buff your foundation in so well it almost looks like your wearing no makeup at all. Not forgetting the three smaller brushes, which I think are perfect for sculpting and shading the delicate eye areas. Overall, these brushes can do a lot more than what they are sold as, so definitely a great investment!


2. Beauty Blender

I know this isn’t a brush, but it’s definitely as good as one … if not better. Who would have thought a single sponge could do so much?! You can use it to apply your foundation, your concealer, to contour, to apply your blush … some beauty geniuses even use it to blend out eyeshadows! In all honestly, when the beauty blender hype started, I was hesitant to spend so much on a sponge – but this is far from the thing in your kitchen sink. I promise you’ll get more than your use out of it, and trust me when I say there is nothing else out there that will blend your makeup quite like this!

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1. Real Techniques- Core Collection

My number one for the best makeup brushes on a budget is also coincidentally one of my very first makeup buys – the real techniques Core Collection. Coming in at just under £15, this collection, consisting of 4 must-have brushes, is indefinitely the key to creating flawless skin. I am certain that there isn’t a single beauty blogger or vlogger who does not have this core collection – everybody loves them !! Want some more good news? ….You can get them at a steal of a price on Amazon. They also come with a great carry case – great for all your travels….. and they are built to last!

These are the 5 best makeup brushes that you can get under £20! Share your thoughts and any questions in the comment section down below!
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