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The 10 Best Japanese Restaurants In Leeds

The 10 Best Japanese Restaurants In Leeds

The best Japanese restaurants in Leeds are here. Find out which Japanese restaurants in Leeds are worth the visit. Leeds Japanese restaurants are good

These are the best Japanese restaurants in Leeds! Read this article to find out where to eat Japanese food in Leeds.

1. Wasbi

Wasbi is a Japanese restaurant which offer take away and eat in. If you are in a rush you don’t have to wait. If you like spicy, you can’t miss their spicy chilly tofu or spicy chilly chicken. Wasbi provides large plates of rice. If you like rice don’t miss it. Some very delicious local Japanese snacks like mochi and Cookies & Cream Biscuit Sticks are available too.

2. Wagamama

Wagamama is a luxury Japanese restaurant. The ambiance is bright and clean. They have a special menu for vegans: yasai gyoza, kare borosu(curry broth ramen) and yasai samla curry. They also have vegan ice creams! If you are gluten-free, don’t worry! They offer a non-gluten food menu. There is something for vegans and non-vegans alike. There is free unlimited green tea. They have several different flavours of juice. If you like smoothies, you should try theirs!


3. Yo! Sushi

Yo! Sushi is tapa styles so you can try several different types of dishes. They frequently change their menu and offer specials for students on Blue Monday. Don’t forget to try their hot sake! It’ll keep you warm in the winter.

4. Bar Soba

Bar Soba offers Japanese street food and great cocktails. Bar Soba is open until 1 a.m. and is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Leeds.



5. Issho Rooftop Restaurant & Kori Bar

Issho Rooftop Restaurant & Bar is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Leeds! The word issho means “together” in Japanese. They are both a restaurant and bar and have stylish contemporary Japanese dishes.

If you want to try one of the best Japanese restaurants in Leeds that has great sake and cocktails, Kori Bar is the spot. They have an entire sake list that with satisfy your needs. There is live music every Friday and have a special menu of Japanese favorites: their two delicious ramen dishes.

6. Fuji Hiro

Fuji Hiro is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Leeds. They have especially great sushi. This Japanese restaurant is clean and the staff are friendly. If you are a meat-lover, try the chicken katsu curry, mackerel bento box and spicy beef gyozas. They are all delicious! The only downfall is that it isn’t cheap.

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7. Chino Latino

Chino Latino is known to be one of the best Japanese restaurants in Leeds. They were awarded the Pan-Asian Leeds City Square Restaurant of the year. It’s near the Leeds station and is clean. The views in this restaurant is beautiful. The food, specifically their steak gets 5 stars!

8. Teppanyaki

Teppanyaki is another one of the best Japanese restaurants in Leeds. They are open all around the world. They serve local Japanese flavour dishes. However, the prices can get expensive. Your money won’t be wasted though!


9. Bar Hana Matsuri Sushi

Bar Hana Matsuri sushi is the best Japanese restaurant in Leeds. It’s a small venue and the fish is delivered every day. The staff are friendly and their sake is remarkable.

10. Itsu

Itsu was founded in ’97 and now has 70 restaurants across the UK. It’s a Japanese fast food restaurant that offers hot and cold dishes as well as dessert. They even have breakfast! They somtetimes offer free lunch and have new flavours on their menu. The best snacks are their crispy seaweed and wasabi peas. You can have the crispy seaweed with rice. The snacks are also healthy! You should try their chili chicken udon and korean BBQ pork rice bowl. It’s perfect for a spicy and savory meal.

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