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Best Independent Breweries In The UK You Need To Check Out

Best Independent Breweries In The UK You Need To Check Out

Best Independent Breweries In The UK You Need To Check Out

Oftentimes we go into a pub with our friends and never even stop to think about the drinks that we’ve ordered. For the most part, we stick to tried and tested classics or other brands that seem more familiar than the rest. As a result, a lot of smaller producers get neglected and we miss out on incredible alcohol made by independent breweries.

Even though it may not seem like it, there are actually lots of independent breweries in the UK and a lot of their produce is very highly rated. So why not give these guys a try next time you’re out for a drink – you’ll be helping them grow and promote their business as you enjoy one of their expertly crafted ales. To make things easier for you, here are some of the best independent breweries in the UK that you need to check out. However, the list doesn’t end here, so be sure to keep exploring!

1. Red Cat Brewing

With a very simply yet appealing motto of We Don’t Do Boring, Red Cat Brewing is definitely one of the best independent British breweries that you have to try. They are committed to creating a range of exciting flavours that pay homage to old-time classics but also tap into the realm of the experimental.

With a focus on imagination, this small independent brewery has managed to create some delicious and unique products. One of our personal favourites is the Peach Mosaic – its heavenly fruity flavour is perfectly offset by the brew, so what’s not to love about it!

One of the best independent breweries in the UK that you should check out

2. Robinsons Brewery

Despite its significant size and worldwide reputation for incredible alcohol, Robinsons Brewery still remains an independent brewery that is built on honesty and integrity. Being one of the most respected names in British brewing history comes at the price of close scrutiny, which this business can handle really well – after all, you just can’t find any fault with their ales.

Let’s not forget that a lot of their brews have even won awards for how good they are! By combining tradition with modernity, Robinsons Brewery has managed to continue producing fantastic beers that started all the way back in 1899 with Old Tom and have continued to this day with the likes of Dizzy Blonde.

One of our favourite independent British breweries that we know you'll love

3. XT Brewery

The name itself already makes this small independent brewery stand out, and I’m not even talking about the taste of their beers! Located on a beautiful farm on the outskirts of Oxford, XT Brewery is another very promising player on the British brewing scene. They are very forward thinking in the sense that they are sustainable and eco-friendly. Not only do they recycle the majority of their waste, but they also donate their used raw materials to local farmers so that they can feed their cattle.

With so much love and care going into their brews, the XT Brewery definitely deserves some of our own love and attention. Just give one of their beers a try and you’ll understand just why we love them so.

We know you'll love this independent brewery in the UK

4. Theakston Brewery

Here is another well-respected independent British brewery that has been around for generations. Founded all the way back in 1827, Theakston Brewery is still run by the direct descendants of its original founder, Robert Theakston. They also do an incredible job of honouring tradition by upholding the old English method of top-fermented brewing – their brewery contains many of its historic features that have sadly been lost by the majority of other alcohol producers.

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With a staggering array of ales to choose from, you’ll be terribly spoilt for choice – Theakston Brewery offers everything from their famous Old Peculier to a more seasonal Tour De Wot? So don’t worry, there’s bound to be something for even the most pickiest of drinkers to enjoy.

An incredible independent British brewery for you to check out

5. Innis & Gunn

This unique independent Scottish brewery pretty much originated by accident – its founder Dougal Gunn Sharp was asked to create a beer that could be matured in bourbon barrels, which could then be used for ageing spirits. The ideas was that the beer was supposed to add a sweet, malty flavour and then be disposed of. Luckily for us all, Sharp refused to throw away the beer and this is how this fantastic brewery was born.

What’s even more exciting is that Innis & Gunn have their very own chain of Beer Kitchens, where they pair their exciting brews with local pub favourites to create something extraordinary.

One of the most innovative independent breweries in the UK

Have you heard of any of these independent British breweries? Do you know of any other unique British breweries that are worth a try? Comment below!

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