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10 Best Holiday Destinations For Young Couples

10 Best Holiday Destinations For Young Couples

The best holiday destinations for young couples are not to be forgotten or missed out. Here is a list of the best holiday destinations for young couples to take. These couple vacation ideas are fun and affordable for couples.

When you’re young and in love it’s pretty likely that you’ll want to spend as much time as possible with your SO and when things like university, parents and part-time jobs get in the way, it can become increasingly difficult to find time for just the two of you. Finding an affordable but lovely holiday destination is often the perfect escape that you and your partner need and we’ve got the ultimate list of destinations that you and bae need to visit ASAP! Here are the best holiday destinations for young couples.

1. Mallorca

Mallorca is a gorgeous little island that’s part of the Balearic Islands; it’s idyllic waters, beautiful blue skies and affordable cocktails make this the perfect destination for young couples. When you’re not sipping cocktails (or triple vodka and cokes, let’s be right) you can explore some of the picturesque sights that the island has to offer. Whether you opt for a fun day out at the waterpark, or a much more relaxed day at the beach, you can guarantee that you and your partner will enjoy staying in Mallorca. This truly is one of the best holiday destinations for young couples.


2. Budapest

If you’re looking for the perfect city break that won’t break the bank then look no further than Budapest. With stunning architecture to admire, delicious food to indulge in and plenty of thermal baths to enjoy, Budapest is a culture-rich European city that you’re both sure to love.

3. Tenerife

A popular party destination; Tenerife is a place that’s ideal for young couples. With a fantastic offering of beaches, sights and gorgeous towns to explore, Tenerife is the place to be if you’re looking for a mixture of adventure and relaxation!


4. Rome

Potentially one of the most romantic cities in the world; Rome is definitely a must-see place for young couples. There’s so much to see and do while you’re there and you’re guaranteed to have the best time admiring the world-famous sights and indulging in all the Italian food you can possibly eat!

5. Paris

Yet another European city that qualifies as one of the most romantic cities, Paris really is the place to be for young couples. The mesmerizing sights of the Parisian backdrop will have you staring at your partner with a true look of love and there’s really no better place to feel the romance. Not to mention the food, which is a reason in itself to visit the beautiful city.


6. New York City

While it’s not exactly on the affordable scale of holiday destinations for young couples, it’s definitely somewhere that you should try and head to at some point with your SO. There’s an abundance of world-famous sights to enjoy, as well as a plethora of yummy food and rooftop cocktails bars that you can indulge in.

7. Ibiza

Despite Ibiza often being considered to be more of a place that’s suited to a group of people, it’s also an ideal place for couples too. Ibiza isn’t just all about the exciting night life; there’s plenty of beautiful beaches, stunning sights and relaxing hotels where you can enjoy a leisurely afternoon by the pool.

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8. Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a place that should be on every couple’s holiday bucket list. The picturesque canals, quirky atmosphere and fantastic nightlife is what makes Amsterdam a true delight for young couples.


9. Barcelona

Barcelona is another holiday destination that allows you to make the most out of both a city break and a more relaxed holiday. With a whole wealth of bars, restaurants and nightclubs, as well as plenty of beaches and buildings to enjoy, Barcelona is definitely a place that you should consider visiting with bae.

10. London

If you’re looking for a holiday destination that’s a little closer to home but still with all the excitement of visiting somewhere new, then London is definitely the place to go. While it’s not exactly a location to visit if you’re after something much more relaxed, it’s the perfect destination if you’re looking for vibrant restaurants, plenty of culture and an exciting buzz to your holiday.

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