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The Best Hair Trends of 2017

The Best Hair Trends of 2017

If you're someone who loves everything hair- you will definitely be one to appreciate these amazing hair trends of 2017 that were rocked on all the runways.

Take a look at the most fashionable hairstyles that graced the S/S ‘17 catwalks and derived themselves into approachable trends – becoming inspo to create our own ‘characters’ throughout the year! Hair trends are as frequently changing as our makeup and nail moods but sometimes seem overlooked. When you’re busy working or studying, a slicked back bun or messy pony might seem like the only option to-hand. Bringing the attention back to the Barnet, the best trends have surfaced – but how long will they last?!

1. The Crimp Is Back

…And we’re so ready for it! Be bold and crimp the whole head of hair – brush it out – magic! Or follow the current approach by only selecting small sections of hair; creating a contrast between sleek and straight, and soft and textured in one. Another take on the look is a large soft crimp, only situated in the middle of the hair, as if you’ve just undone an overnight plait. This technique is super romantic and effortless looking!

2. Elephant Tails – Yes, It’s A Thing

Quick – search your haberdashery drawers, rediscover your ambition for craft! Wrap twine around a ponytail for another hot trend. Start at the top of the tail and stop three quarters of the way down. This creates an enviable, elephant tail structure, as seen in COITE’s shows! With such a distinctive look it’s difficult to withhold becoming experimental and using ribbons, wires, or different coloured twines in search of a new approach or to match your mood.


3. SUPER Slicked Back Hair

Imagine wet looking hair, but even more intense! Drench your hair in gel to create caught-in-a-storm vibes, not withholding the inclusion of application over the face and forehead. For a more downplayed approach simply work the gel into the roots and play with the texture, clump sections together, or press individual strands over the forehead; aloof from the sleek, everyday expectations of a hairstyle!

4. Pierced Plaits

Faux piercings add edge to a classic, simple, if not worn-out look. Rows of braids adorned in this jewellery enhance the intricacy and detail to the final look, making heads turn. A strong contender as a festival hair trend in the 2017 summer, jewellery laced plaits won’t be disappearing soon!

5. Hair Brooches

Clips and pins adorn hair and create a childlike, nostalgic hairstyle. Placed across the hair in no particular structure, as it first appears, there is still a clean sense of immaculacy maintained. It’s almost impossible to not have fun with this look! Become carried away and dot brooch and pin placements all over the head or throughout a pony. Use them as reckless decoration or as a modern fastening for an up-do look.


6. Diffused Colour

The perfect way to get a temporary fix of colour and stay current in fashion – it results in one of the best trends this year has seen. Whilst it may look like you’ve attempted a home-kit hair dye job of six different colours yourself, its obviously just because you are far too knowledgeable about your trends! Catwalk shows such as Philipp Plein and Junya Watanbe feature petrol pastel hues over dark locks. The outcome of this staining of colour, though not intense, is still far from subtle. Diffused hair colour has the undeniable potential to become a 2017 festival favourite!

7. Hair Scarves

The versatility of a scarf can enhance a hairstyle to tie in with colours that compliment an outfit or bring attention to an intricate ‘do. Plait them into braided locks or wrap them over the top of structured, ‘messy’ hair for a rock’n’roll vibe. Prints and materials add character to the look so choose wisely and take liberty!

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8. Windswept Fringe – For That Weathered Southampton Vibe

Haphazard yet structured, loose tufts strewn across the forehead create a natural sense of movement and freedom. Wispy hairs are celebrated and strewn, making this 2017 trend easier to style and achieve than first thought!

9. All Kinds Of Partings

Poker straight and central or carefree and ruthless; partings of the hairline take centre stage among slicked back looks where sectioning is key! A far side parting also becomes a focus, culminating in a tailored, masculine edge.

10. Classic Curls – But Not As You Know Them

On duty, Glamour Girl! Barrel curls create voluminous waves that cascade over the shoulders and incorporate another current trend of the far side parting. Leave the hair as statement itself – then simply pair with sultry makeup and jaw-dropping jewellery to complete the look!


The best hair trends of 2017 feature new takes on old classics, with elements that will be sure to last longer than the end of the year! A more haphazard, natural, and instinctive approach to hair adornment is obtained and cherished, with the use of colour becoming fluently paired alongside the hairs natural colouring. Hair from here can only become more exciting and expressive over the next seasons, with new methods to traditional techniques being developed further, and unexpected materials incorporated – keep a watch on the forecast, the years not out yet!

These are the best hair trends of 2017! Make sure to share what you thought in the comment section below!
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