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Best Greek Islands To Visit This Summer

Best Greek Islands To Visit This Summer

Best Greek Islands To Visit This Summer

What is the best remedy for coping with these cold days? Start to plan your summer holiday, of course! From one end of the sea to the other, the amazing Greek islands are the perfect destination. Main characteristic of Greece’s morphology, they are an integral part of country’s culture and tradition. Incredible landscapes, stunning beaches, little white houses, turquoise waters and great food: it will be love at first sight!

Although, with more than 5000 islands and islets taking a choice is really difficult. So, check out this list of the best Greek islands, among well-known destinations and hidden gems. Get inspired for planning at the best your upcoming summer!

1. Santorini

Famous for its breathtaking sunsets and romantic vibes, Santorini is the ideal spot for starting your discovery of these paradisiac destinations. Southernmost member of the Cyclades, this volcanic island will amaze you with its black, white and red beaches. On top of that, great food and beautiful mineral wines will pleasantly enrich your visit. Rent a quad bike and just zip around the island to discover all its secrets!


2. Mykonos

Baptized as “the Greek Ibiza”, Mykonos is one of the best Greek islands in terms of nightlife and clubbing. So, if you are a party animal, here is the right place for you! Indeed, Paradise and Super Paradise beach seem to never sleep. Luxury destination where you can find dreamy villas and hotels, expensive yachts and legendary parties. However, mass tourism hasn’t affected yet its natural beauty.  Stunning beaches, crystal clear blue sea, picturesque houses and characteristic windmills are just waiting for you!

3. Corfu

The Grand Lady of the Ionian, Corfu, or Kerkyra in Greek, will seduce you with its cosmopolitan vibes and stunning landscapes. The capital is a charming encounter of Venetian, British and French colonial influences combined with a special traditional character. Let’s start your trip around one of the greenest of the Greek islands among rolling olive groves, pastel villages and beautiful beaches. Hot tip: from here, your holiday could be easily combined with the visit to other Ionian islands, like Paxi.

4. Ikaria

With its rich mythological past and wild beauty, Ikaria is one hidden gem among the best Greek islands. Not just sandy beaches, running waters, wild mountains and green hillsides. Indeed, this little island is also famed for its thermal springs and its traditional feasts. During your holiday, you can’t miss to go to one of the festivals that occur almost daily during summer. You will be amaze from the great wine, food and smiles of locals you will find there! Plus, do you know that the Icarians are some of the longest people of the planet? Go and discover their longevity secrets!

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5. Kithira

“Island of sweet secrets, of the hearts festivals!” wrote Charles Baudelaire. Perhaps, you should trust his words and have a visit soon! Here, you will find all the characteristics of the best Greek islands: marvelous beaches, waterfalls, ancient myths, history and great seafood. On top of that, if you are a shopaholic you can’t miss to get lost among the artisan shops that chaotically adorn the capital of Chora.

6. Samothraki

If you are seeking an holiday in the name of adventure, Samothraki is the right place for you. Adorned with Mount Maos, the highest mountain in the Aegean, it’s the perfect spot for spending your days  trekking, riding mountain bike, rafting, kayaking and diving. Its natural beauty and hidden waterfalls will enchant all the adventure lovers! On top of that, a visit to the village of Therma, among its sulfurous therapeutic thermal springs, is the best for recharging your energy. Check it out!


7. Gavdos

Southernmost island of Europe, Gavdos is absolutely one of the best Greek islands even if it’s not so touristic. It’s exactly this its added value! Local traditions and intact nature will make you fall in love at the first sight. Few permanent residents (only about 50 people are year-round residents) as well as few tourist accommodations are, perhaps, the main reason why its beaches are one of the most beautiful in Greece. And it’s really hard do better! Grab a tent and sleep in the beach under the stars: it will be an unforgettable experience.

Here are listed the best Greek island to visit this summer. Do you have in mind other detonations? Let me know in the comments below!

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