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The 10 Best Graduation Gifts For Him You Need To Get

The 10 Best Graduation Gifts For Him You Need To Get

Finding a good graduation gift is a very hard task. You want to offer him the best gift: you want it to be practical, special, memorable, and affordable? If you are completely at a loss, this article is for you.

Here is a selection of 10 best graduation gifts for him you need to get him ASAP.

1. A Mont-Blanc Wallet

This wallet is a classic. Made by the German luxury brand Mont-Blanc, this wallet is made out of soft perforated leather and is part of their new collection. It is a very practical wallet: it has 3 slots for credit cards, 1 compartment for banknotes, 1 coin case with flap and 2 additional pockets.


2. A Carpenter Watch

The Brooklyn Gent Carpenter Watch is a limited edition with only 250 pieces issued in total. Its elegant design suits any style. Its case is made out of stainless steel with a sapphire exhibition back , held together by a brown leather stripe. The old school vibe is trendy!


3. The Mulberry Scotchgrain Medium Clipper

Very useful. For a weekend or to go to the gym. This versatile bag is ideal for the hectic rhythm of daily life. Scotchgrain is a water resistant material built from leather and has a resin effect to it. Its value justifies its price. It will last at least 10 years!

4. A Caran d’Ache Pen

This silver-plated Caran d’Ache fountain pen is a delicate graduation gift, perfect for a freshener. This hexagonal pen comes with a gift box containing a converter and two black cartridges. Made in Switzerland, it is suitable for engraving and has a lifetime guarantee.


5. A Sandqvist Backpack

This backpack is very trendy at the moment. Ideal to put your laptop, a bottle of water, some food… Made out of canvas, this durable backpack is ideal for a gateway in the country or exploring city streets. This graduate gift is an essential for any student or young professional. You won’t disappoint!

6. Bowers & Wilkins Headphones

These noise cancelling wireless headphones are ideal if you have to spend long nights at the library. Bowers & Wilkins’ outstanding sound quality will offer him the ultimate listening experience. Designed to be instinctively responsive to the listener and to noise cancelling, these headphones can last for 22 hours off a single charge!


7. A S’Well Water Bottle

Useful and environment friendly, this graduation gift is simply a necessity. For College or work, S’Well keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12. You can count on this black marble stainless steel water bottle… You’ll never be thirsty again!

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8. A Gift Card

What if the best graduation gift was simply a gift card? Sometimes, simplicity is the best gift you can make. Go to your/his favourite departement store, put a fair amount of money on a gift card, and let him choose his own gift. You can also buy him a gift card from his favourite brand.

9. A Fitbit Charge 3, Health and Fitness Tracker

A great alternative to a gym membership, this modern fitbit watch will allow him to track his texts and calls. It  synchronises automatically all the data to other electronic devices. It will keep him fit!


10.  Creed Perfume

This audacious perfume is a great graduation gift. It has an exquisite scent with notes of bergamot, blackcurrant and apple. Powerful and masculine, this popular perfume screams success. He will love it!


So which gift are you going to offer him for graduation? Let us know in the comments below!

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Source:  Selfridges Online / Debenhams Online