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25 Best Friends Quotes That Are Perfect For Any Social Media Caption

25 Best Friends Quotes That Are Perfect For Any Social Media Caption

Not sure what to write about your bff after posting a picture of you guys on Instagram? These are best friends quotes perfect for social media captions!

It’s not often you find your soulmate bestie, but when you do, you just know. You’ll be best friends now and forever, and see yourselves having the same stupid and drunken conversations when you’re both 70. But as time goes on, life can often get in the way with relationships, work, travelling, trying to budget, and even the gym, and can sometimes push y’all apart. But that doesn’t mean the friendship will die, not by any means. It just simply means that even though meeting up might take a bit longer, it’s a hundred million times worth the wait. Friendships like these can mature, along with ourselves, so feelings are often not taken too much into account, and no filter is placed upon well-timed barbs. Here are some examples that would befit a picture posted while you’re missing your bestie, or an awful screenshot on your camera roll.

1. I think we’ll be friends forever because we’re too lazy to find new friends.

2. Thank you for being the only person I talk to instead of about.

3. I can’t wait to see you when we both have the time, money, energy, and interest in leaving our houses.

4. I’m so glad we share an understanding of humour and also, how I am slightly funnier.

5. We’ll be best friends forever because you know way too much.

6. I hope you know that I will always be there to stress out and throw things on your behalf.

7. I love how you know exactly what compliment it is that I am fishing for.

8. I can’t wait to chat on the phone because I miss you hearing the sound of my voice.

9. If I ever had to shoot you, I would just shoot you in the leg.

10. I hope you know I’m really trying at attempting to hide how much you can annoy me.

11. If ever we’re in a dystopian death match for food, I’d kill you last.

12. I enjoy our friendship best when you’ve no boys to cry about.

13. I hope you never get tired of me making fun of you.

14. You’re my favourite work colleague, and not just ‘cos I hate everyone else here.

15. I love how we share the same insane mental health.

16. Sharing pizza and judgements time!

17. I love how we’re there for each other and then selectively there for each other.

18. When you look up from your phone, don’t ask me to repeat myself.

19. We should have Oscars for best dramas because it’s actually our love lives.

20. My (avoiding the) gym bestie.

21. Thank you for listening to me rant for hours about not having enough hours in the day.

22. I said I’d be there for you but you’re so f*cking needy.

23. When I need help eating all my feelings away, I call you.

24. When you need a distracted, hungry friend, I’m here.

25. You’re tacky and I hate you.

These are 25 best friends quotes that are perfect for any social media caption! Share yours thoughts in the comments below!
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