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10 Best Friend Birthday Gifts For The Friend On A Budget

10 Best Friend Birthday Gifts For The Friend On A Budget

Take a look at these best friend birthday gifts that will get you the bestie award. No matter your friend's taste, there is definitely something on the list for her!

Our best friends, our right-arm, soul-sister and sometimes our worst nightmare (but we love them anyway), so when their birthday comes around we’d bend over backwards to treat them the way they deceiver. Unless you’re on a budget. It can be difficult to show your love and appreciation for them without breaking the bank, but here are 10 great best friend birthday gifts that will keep both your BF and your bank account very happy…

These are a few of their favourite things….

Considering they are your best friend we are guessing you know them inside out (probably literally), and there is nothing more sentimental and thoughtful than putting together a hamper of all their favourite things. This could be their favourite snacks, beauty products, jewellery, private joke gifts, movies, accessories! It can be really affordable to put together, looks like you made tonnes of effort and will surely put a smile on their face.


Are you even best friends without matching necklaces?

Remember when friendships was sealed in primary school with make-shift friendship bracelets? Well I guess these symbolic gifts still hold a lot of meaning to many people. Nothing says ‘sorry I already have a bestfriend’ than someone wearing the other-half of a BF necklace, right? So get your bestfriend a cute matching jewellery set to make sure they are being committed to your friendship – sneaky I know!

Scrapbook full of your fave scrappy pictures.

Our bestfriends hold all our most deepest secrets, memories and moments of crisis we never want to relive… so what way better to reminisce on those funny friend-only memories than storing them in a ‘their eyes-only’ scrapbook? Scrapbooks can be made up super easily and decorated whatever way you wish… and even better… they can help save us a few pennies while putting a smile on our BF faces. Win Win.


Table Accessories 

The way to every girls heart – cute cluttered we ‘don’t really need it but they look super super cute’ accessories. Gifts such as makeup holders, jewellery pots, picture frames and candles are great little nick-nacks for our best friends bedrooms, and because we spend all our times there too, so of course we want it to look a little like our room too!


The Way To Every BF’s Heart…Personalised.

There is no denying we all love anything personalised. We’re not too sure why we love it so much, but something always feels that little bit special with our names or initials on it, right? So personalising your BF’s gifts is bound to put you in the number one ranking of best friends. A great gift to personalise, that sure will make your friend very happy, is a phone case with their initials.

 Mini Phone Projector

There is nothing better than curing from a hangover with your best friend watching movies and eating, and eating and eating. These phone projectors are a great way to watch movies anywhere on a bigger screen. They are a super cool gift that will sure impress your BF! This is one of the most unique best friend birthday gifts!


An At Home Spa

There is nothing we want more than seeing our best friend happy, relaxed and totally stress-free. Of course, we are the only ones who ever see them like that, so it is our job to get them out of it and prevent them from feeling terrible – god damn f*ck boys. Bringing your best friend an at home-spa is a great step in that direction, and just think, when we visit their house we can also use it! Win Win. Forget spending money on a luxury spa day out in the country when we can bring an even better one at home…

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Best Friend Poem

Showing love for our best friend can sometimes be hard behind all the banter, mockery and sister-like-fighting. Creating a personalised poem is a super sentimental gift to show how much they actually mean to us that they can have forever.


Drinking Games 

I am sure we all got super close to our friends from a wild night out where alcohol was 100% involved? This might not see like your conventional BF sentimental gift, but if it was a drunk night that sealed the best friend deal, this is a nostalgic sort of gift, right? This is one of the most fun best friend birthday gifts!

Upping Our BF’s Selfie Game…

We love seeing our BF’s look a little worse-for-wear and catching it all on camera for blackmail and memories.  With this selfie flash light it will make your BF look even better, and who wouldn’t want that? So getting them a gift like this, they will know it was a thoughtful gift coming from you who is always after those embarrassing drunken pictures.


 Which of the best friend birthday gifts are you going to try? Let us know in the comments below!

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