10 Best Festival Outfit Ideas To Check Out

Its almost impossible not to scroll through your Instagram feeds and not see any posts of Coachella. You just can’t. It’s all over your feed, if not your explore page. You sit there wishing you could be all dolled up for the next festival in your favourite outfits, with your best friends. Well, to if you are one of the lucky ones counting down till your next festival, you might wanna check out these outfits for some inspiration. Here is a list of 10 best festival outfit ideas to check out for your next festival!

1. Flared pants

Top on this list has got to be flared pants. This has such a cool vintage and chic vibe and most importantly, is a comfortable option and you won’t feel too exposed. Pair them with some platform boots and you are all set for the next festival!

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2. Snakeskin

Snakeskin is definitely trending right now and has never really fully died down. If you’re looking for a bold and eye-catching outfit, you might want to try going with snakeskin prints! They come in various different colours to choose from as well. A great festival outfit idea to keep in mind.

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3. Bum bags

Who would have ever thought that bum bags would make its way back into popularity? Well, they have certainly managed to do so! Bum bags are the ultimate festival bag. Why? You don’t want to be carrying your bag or holding onto it while raving at your favourite festival that you spent hundreds on do you? Bum bags are the most convenient option and definitely a festival essential!

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4. Band Tees

Band tees are a ultimate must have as well for a festival outfit! They look grunge and have a vintage feel to them. On top of that, you’ll probably be the most comfortable throughout the day!

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5. Face and body jewels

If you have already been to a festival before or seen pictures of festivals, I am 100% sure you remember seeing a lot of face and body jewels? Although this is not necessarily an outfit on its own, I had to add it onto this list because it is a festival MUST HAVE! Be creative and be beautiful.

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6. Cowboy inspired boots

Yeee-haw! Cowboy boots are in right now and what better occasion to wear them to than a festival right?

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7. Sequins

If you love standing out and being extra, try an outfit full of sequins! Bright, bold and loud sequins.

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8. Animal print

Leopard print, zebra print, cow print, the list goes on and on but one thing’s for sure – animal print is in. Animal print is the perfect option for a festival outfit to look beautiful and bold at the same time. You will have heads turning.

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9. Fringe

I don’t think you could go to a festival and not see fringe everywhere. It is definitely a great festival outfit because of it’s bohemian vibe. There are fringe bags, skirts, pants, shorts and jackets, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

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10. Doc Martens Jadon Boots

I had to add these pair of gorgeous platform boots onto this list because it is the ultimate festival shoe. You will never have to worry about getting your feet stepped on or being blocked because they give you some good extra height! Definitely a must have to match with any festival outfit!

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I sure hope this list has given you some tips or inspiration on your next festival outfit! Be on top of trends but remember, comfort is key as well.

Which festival outfit ideas do you like best? Let me know in the comments!

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Claudia Rolph

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