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8 Best Feel Good Podcasts For A Bad Day

8 Best Feel Good Podcasts For A Bad Day

Bad days suck, but these 8 feel good podcasts will help put a pep back in your step and give you an excuse to love yourself louder!

Podcasts are quickly becoming more popular with people of all ages for entertainment and realisation purposes. There are podcasts for just about anything but here are 8 feel good podcasts for a bad day because self-love and personal awareness can be a powerful catalyst for change.

1. Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations

When you hear Oprah’s name you immediately think of positive self-talk, this podcast serves that purpose. It is advocated as a conversation to invite deeper meaning and awaken the better parts of ourselves. Of varying length some as short as 30 minutes others span for more than 1 hour, Oprah features guests from all walks of life and from all different beginnings. These include Michelle Obama, Michael B. Jordan, Bradley Cooper and Cheryl Strayed. Chances are at least one of her guests will be someone you love and someone you can identify with. This is a feel good podcast as it allows you to delve deeper into your purpose while listening to public figures and trail-blazers you admire.


2. Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert

Elizabeth Gilbert is the best selling author of Eat Pray Love and Big Magic, she is also a fine example of a strong woman doing important things. Her feel good podcast interviews others in a series of ‘magic lessons’, promoting ideas that help us to overcome our fears and create with more confidence and joy. Some of her expert guests include: Neil Gaiman, Martha Beck, Brene Brown and Ann Patchett. Each episode is thoughtful and idea-provoking and will help you persevere through your worst days.

3. Beautiful Writers Podcast

Hosted by writer Linda Sivertsen, this feel good Beautiful Writers Podcast brings together a number of authors to describe their process, successes and most importantly their failures. By hearing people we admire and regard as ‘the goal’ having failed we are able to release some of the shame that blankets us like a weight on our own bad days. This podcast is honest and street-smart. It’s a great option to evoke some more joy on a bad day. Guests include: Glennon Doyle, Lee Child, Tosca Lee, Maria Shriver and Gabby Bernstein. What a lineup!

4. Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard

This notoriously funny bloke who loves talking to people now has a feel good podcast of his own. In good humour but in all seriousness Dax Shepard has a conversation with some of our favourite celebrities, resulting in some heated discussions but also some very worthy lessons. An incredible host, Dax guides his guests expertly and at the end of the podcast you always feel much better than before you listened. Some of his most recent guests include: Gwyneth Paltrow, Evan Rachel Wood, Ryan Hansen, Sophia Bush and his own wife Kristen Bell – talk about couple goals!


5. And Especially You

Relatively new on the podcast scene, this feel-good podcast was born from Reece Witherspoon’s online bookclub Hello Sunshine. It chronicles the conversations once had on their nationwide tour and brings together incredible personalities who all have something important to say to you. Hosted by resident badass Sophia Bush, these conversations will realign you in your world and make any bad day infinitely better. Published on a weekly basis, make sure you catch up on already released episodes with Abby Wambach, Maysoon Zayid, Bozoma St. John and Luvvie Ajayi!

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6. TED Talks Daily

If you’ve never listened to a TED talk before, where have you been?! TED talks give a platform to what are life-changing ideas from ordinary people now with the opportunity to speak. Available in a feel-good podcast is TED Talks Daily, making it much simpler to turn your bad day into a much better one while you carry on with your day to day regime. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie speaks straight to the heart, while other’s talk business. Whatever soothes your soul, you’ll find it there.

7. Unspoken

Lead by Ruthie Lindsey and Miles Adcox, join them for this feel-good podcast that shares adventures and beauty only discovered through pain and through breaking. This podcast reminds us of the purpose of heartbreak and how it often gives way to our rising after the fall. If you are feeling discouraged this is the perfect podcast to listen into.

8. No Filter with Mia Freedman

Described as candid conversations with interesting people, this no filter podcast opens up discussions with some of our favourite icons like Serena Williams and gives them access straight to our weary hearts. If you aren’t feeling flash, let Mia and her friends bring you back into business. Take some time out for yourself and let other people speak for you, just for the time being. You deserve that.


What podcasts are you loving lately? Let us know in the comments below if any of these suggestions made your bad day better, we certainly hope so!

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