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10 Best Fashion Shops In Southampton

10 Best Fashion Shops In Southampton

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A lot of factors go into creating the perfect look and the places to purchase these looks. Styles. Wearability. Price. We’ve all wandered around town, searching for a place to best spend that loan money we know we should probably save for food. But food doesn’t make you look like you have Beyonce’s butt in the right lighting scenario so who cares? Here are a list of the best shops in Southampton where you’re likely to find your favourite new looks for Autumn and Winter.

1. New Look

Located in the West Quays, lies a high street favourite which is never low on style and trends. While New Look may be a regular staple in most of our shopping experiences, they always have great fall selections and their prices are mild enough that our debit cards won’t be too overwhelmed.


2. T.K Maxx

T.K Maxx which is part of the range of shops which line the high street, is not always the easiest place to go shopping. The clothing racks sometimes make car boot sales look more organized but through the hangers of erratic sizing are some real gems. The idea of T.K Maxx is that you are getting the designer look for a lot less.

If you can stomach finding piece after piece that is not your size and resigning yourself to the knowledge it is most definitely the only one of it’s kind and if your eyes don’t ache after rolling at some of the less than great discoveries . . . you might just make it to clothing that is not just gorgeous but your size and somehow costs under £20. Isn’t that worth suffering for?

3. Lillies

Tucked inside The Marlands is one of Southampton’s nicest fashion shops. While it is not a big name high street brand like some on this list, it still has gorgeous clothes for great prices! I was instantly grabbed by their new line which sports gorgeous deep mustard yellows on much of its range and comes in at more than comfortable pricing with most clothes not surpassing prices from places like New look or Topshop. It’s definitely one of the best and more than worth paying a visit too. especially since they’re having a sale now!


4. Blue Inc

Blue Inc, located on the lower floor of The Marlands, the store has a great selection of affordable fashion for both sexes which is both fashionable. Their items are unique and cute, proving that low price (some tops start at £5) doesn’t mean sacrificing style.

5. Primark

While we all joke about Primark being bottom of the barrel, they have some cute stuff and as long as you don’t buy anything which needs to be really durable (like shoes) from there, most of the stuff has pretty good longevity. It’s a great place to go for trends when you may not be able to afford those same styles in higher priced high street chains. Seriously go in there, there’s so many great outfit pieces. Primark is one of the shops in Southampton that is popular beyond belief.


6. H & M

H&M is one of the more affordable high street bands with a lot of stuff staying under the £20 mark that makes it easier to justify purchase. I find it impossible to not find something gorgeous when walking in. The store also supplies a range of looks and styles so you have something to wear if you just want to look plain adorable and something to wear if you want to look like the work bitch you were born to be. Or a cross between the two. H & M will always be one of the shops in Southampton that is busy! There will always be something cute in there.


7. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is definitely not on the budget friendly side of shopping but their pieces are simplistic yet sophisticated and fashionable. If you happen to have the extra income or just enough cash for some cute singular items, then it’s definitely a great fashion shop to drop in on. Urban Outfitters has always been one of the popular shops in Southampton – let alone the world.

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8. Beatnik Emporium

Beatnik Emporium is a broke hipster’s paradise. Or just the sanctuary for everyone who loves vintage fashion. The store is small, but they pack a lot in there. There’s always at least five things that make you want to die because they are so beautiful and unique. Before you know it, you’ve convinced yourself a pearl encrusted denim jacket is what you’ve been waiting for you’re whole life, damn it.

The price’s are as low as £7 for a skirt and starting at £5 for some t-shirts. You can also get gorgeous thick fur coats for under £40. So if you want to just look extra as hell and  amazing while doing it, you know where to splash your cash.


9. Topshop

Topshop while storing lovely clothes, can also be on the pricier side of high street fashion. But for a few key clothing pieces it’s definitely worth the extra money.

10. Yours

This store, housed in The Marlands specifically for plus size women. Sadly, high street stores don’t always do well for women who are larger dress sizes, especially those whose size is higher than a size 16. Most high street stores use the same template for larger clothing as they do for smaller sizes which is a disservice to larger women. It’s also hard to get an idea of how an item will look on you when the mannequins are all size 6’s. YOURS changes that, making clothes suited to clothes for women with larger bodies and the clothes are cute as hell. The pricing comes in mid range with tops ranging from 17-19 pounds. Definitely the best fashion shop to visit if you’re into a shopping experience that is more inclusive and accommodating for bigger bodies.


Have you visited some of these shops in Southampton? What do you think of their Autumn looks? Are there any you think are missing? Let us know in the comments.
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