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The Best Fake Eyelashes From Natural To Dramatic

The Best Fake Eyelashes From Natural To Dramatic

Take a look at these best fake eyelashes that will have you rocking your full makeup look. These fake eyelashes are stunning and easy to wear.

A pair of carefully crafted lashes can easily up your eye game. Ranging from subtle and natural, to dramatic and bold. Take a look at some of the best fake eyelashes that are available on the beauty market. From wispy individuals that subtly open up your eyes to sets that give you full-fledged wide eyes, fake lashes come in all shapes and sizes. Plus, there’s always the best part of the whole situation; the satisfying feeling of peeling them off. Here, 8 different best fake eyelashes for every lash whim.

Cruelty Free

Tarte’s newest lashes are cruelty free, ideal for vegans or vegan-adjacents. It’s latex-free and safe for contact lens wearer, hence it’s great for those with sensitive eyes. There’s a range of styles, but the Goddess set will give you a glam look with the morality of natural beauty. Visit Sephora!

Natural Volume

For a classic lash, look no further than Shu Uemura. This best of basic set gives you a natural look that blends seamlessly into your own eyelashes.

Double Lash

After realizing their consumers were doubling and tripling up on their lashes, Eylure responded by creating this hyper-dramatic style. This style is twice as full, without the trouble of layering multiple sets.



Your Daily Extension Option

I advise these mini tufts to grace your lids, for an everyday look by MAC.



The Space In-between

If you want more than a couple individuals and less than a full set, try partial lashes by Urban Decay. Apply them to the outer corners for a subtle boost.

Succinct Glamour

Ardell’s Wispies are succinctly named, as they give your lashes a soft, barely-there appearance. Ardell also makes a deluxe packs that come with a lash applicator and a beauty experts’ favourite lash glue, Duo.

Do It For The Gram

Huda Kattan’s reign as the leading beauty blogger led her to creating her own very much successful line of beauty products. Her always-sold-out lashes are triple stacked to create the illusion of fluffy mink fur (but faux, of course).


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Maximum Potential

When natural isn’t what you’re going for, try Velour Strut’s 100% silk lash. Their density will give your lashes major drama that would rival even the most wide-eyed anime character.



Which of these best fake eyelashes are you going to try? Let us know in the comments.

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